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Alleged Honolulu Teen Bank Robbers Picture Themselves with Cash on Facebook

Kalani Watson aka Kiki Seui posts himself on his Facebook account with wads of cash two days after allegedly robbing a Reynolds Recycling center of $500

Kalani Watson aka Kiki Seui posts himself on his Facebook account with wads of cash two days after allegedly robbing a Reynolds Recycling center of $500

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN - HONOLULU - Probably the first rule of committing armed robbery, don’t post yourself with the cash you stole on your social media account.

But that’s exactly what Marcus Kalani Watson and Rogussia Eddie Allen Danielson did, according to an Aug. 11 FBI affidavit made public Aug. 12.

Kalani Watson aka Kiki Seui

Kalani Watson aka Kiki Seui

Watson, 19, who goes by the name Kiki Seui, was indicted by the FBI as the “mastermind” of a series of armed robberies in which he targeted Oahu banks and a recycling center.

Watson posted himself holding two thick wads of cash in his cover photo on Facebook on April 24, two days after his first armed robbery at Reynolds Recycling Center on Salt Lake Boulevard, where the affidavit said Watson “threatened force, violence and fear of injury.”

Wearing a black ski mask and brown hooded jacket, Watson brandished a black semi automatic pistol, and pointed a gun at both employees, the affidavit said. The employees surrendered more than $500 in cash.

On May 1, Watson, masked and brandishing a handgun, allegedly robbed the Wahiawa branch of American Savings Bank walking away with nearly $7,000. He then boarded a city bus and watched as the police sped to the scene as the bus left the bus stop. He reportedly purchased a Lexus with some of the money he stole and paid for his $2,000 root canal in cash.

Twelve days later, Watson teamed up with Rogussia Eddie Allen Danielson, 19, who goes by Eddie Danielson, to rob American Savings Bank’s Salt Lake Branch. That day, Watson, masked and with his handgun, and Danielson, masked and with a shotgun, walked away with a considerably bigger stash - $21,720 – after they demanded money from four tellers.

Rogussia Eddie Allen Danielson who goes by Eddie Danielson, posted himself on Facebook June 12 with cash he allegedly stole during bank robberies, an FBI affidavit said

Rogussia Eddie Allen Danielson who goes by Eddie Danielson, posted himself on Facebook June 12 with cash he allegedly stole during bank robberies, an FBI affidavit said

Danielson would follow in Watson’s footsteps, posting a photo of himself on Facebook, fanning out the cash he allegedly stole. Under it, he posted the phrase, “Bitch its HD the boy, a five star goer, I never beg a nigga for money I kill for it.”

On May 30, Watson and Danielson added a third man to their team – 18-year-old AJ Williander – when they robbed the American Savings Bank branch in Aiea, the indictment said, this time getting $11,569 in cash from the tellers before fleeing.

Honolulu police, concerned with escalating violence, teamed up with the FBI to track the dangerous trio.

A confidential source told authorities about the suspects and the crimes the trio allegedly committed. The informant passed a polygraph test July 26.

Watson was reportedly becoming more violent, according to the informant, telling the informant he should have shot a Reynolds Recycling employee who threw the money on the ground instead of putting it in his bag.

Watson reported told the informant: “I should’ve shot that fucking stupid Hawaiian, yeah I should have killed that stupid Hawaiian, he was the one acting tough, he should have got shot in the chest. Yeah nigga, I was going to bust that nigga’s chest open, he thought I was playing too, that bitch ass nigga, I cocked the gun and aimed it at him.”

FBI agents learned from the informant that on June 2, Watson boarded an Alaska Airlines plane to Oakland, California, where his mother and brother lived.

They also learned Watson was returning to Honolulu from Oakland, California, Aug. 11, and arranged with the airline to accompany him without his knowledge.

AJ Williander

AJ Williander

FBI agents sat beside Watson throughout the flight to ensure public safety. When the plane was on the Honolulu International Airport runway, the agents arrested Watson.

Williander, who was waiting to pick up Watson at the airport, also was arrested.

Danielson was apprehended later at his home without incident.

All three men lived in a Halawa public complex.

FBI Special Agent James Mitchell of the Criminal Enterprise Squad, authored the Aug. 11 affidavit, disclosing he used a confidential informant as well as witnesses and public records to crack the case.

He wrote: “Watson is suspected of committing an armed robbery of a Reynolds Recycling Inc. facility, the Central Pacific Bank Wahiawa Branch and the American Savings Bank Salt Lake branch and the American Savings Pearlridge bank branch. It is believed that Danielson is involved in the American Savings Bank Salt Lake branch robbery and the American Savings Bank Pearl Ridge robbery while Williander was the getaway driver for the Pearlridge robbery.”

U.S. Attorney Flo Nakakuni said federal law enforcement worked closely with local law enforcement to solve the case through use of technology and "good old fashioned police work."

FBI Special Agent in Charge Viva Bottom said: “Solving these robberies was a particular priority for the FBI and the Honolulu Police Department because of the escalated level of threatened violence involved."

All three defendants, who will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney, will appear in court Wednesday afternoon. They could face up to 20 years in prison for each count against them.

Honolulu Police Department Chief Louis Kealoha said: “Honolulu is definitely safer now that these three suspects are in custody."

Both Bottom and Kealoha said serial bank robberies are highly unusual in Hawaii.

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  1. i don't think they had bad intentions. the courts should be lenient.

  2. I forgot to add, great job FBI, HPD and Ms. Nakakuni. I hope they (the 3 scumbags) are prosecuted to fullest extent of the law and that they meet some "unfortunate" accident while incarcerated.

  3. Great idea. Let's just skip the entire legal system and start killing people that haven't been convicted yet.

  4. u know what bitch fuck U

  5. WHAT legal system? You mean the one Obama and Holder constantly violate every day? There IS no law in this country any longer, just dictators and commandants/

  6. Who's saying to "skip" the legal system. If you read the comment you'll understand that what I said is "it's too bad neither of the three didn't put up resistance", ie. that would include pulling a weapon which in turn would be met with an even greater response. So 808_boiyo don't go getting your pannies all in a bunch, try reading the comment carefully before you respond.

  7. "..how it affected there child hood. "
    Are you a parent? Need to learn proper grammar, eh?

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