Do you want to live pain free? Do you want to learn more about strengthening your physical, spiritual and mental health naturally and managing your moods? If so, stop in for a visit this Saturday, May 4, at the Quantum Institute for Holistic Health located in Manoa at 2636 Pamoa Road near St. Francis School.

The open house runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and there will be classes throughout the day.

Some of the classes will cover:

  • Natural Medicines for all Conditions
  • Living Pain Free
  • Mood Management
  • Importance of Balancing your pH
  • Feng Shui Tools & Tips

Other Offerings…

There will be opportunities to meet with our consultants and instructors for one-on-one healing:

  • Aura Readings $20: Take an aura picture, and learn about your personality type, and how you can create more balance in your life
  • Individual Feng Shui Consultation $20: Based on your year and Birth Date. Answer your questions regarding your personal Feng Shui
  • Spiritual Consultation $20: For any questions regarding present, past or future issues, communicating with close personal spirits around you, or answering general questions
  • Lucky Las Vegas Chart $10: Planning a trip to Las Vegas? Give us the dates, and we’ll create the chart that tells you Lucky dates, Lucky times to gamble, Lucky numbers, Lucky colors to wear, and more!

Classes will be presented by:

Karen “Lucky” Thornton

Owner and Manager, Karen “Lucky” Thornton, LMT had interest in the medical and healing Arts since 1965. She studied Pre-med in Hawaii, Cleveland and England, went into Corporate America for 13 years, and returned to the medical field in Xray in 1993, finally touching on Holistic Health in 1999. She healed her own Fibromyalgia in 3 months, and has been teaching others to heal themselves for the past 14 years. She has taught in Hawaii and Sedona, AZ, seeing over 1,500 healers graduate to heal themselves, their family, and their community. She is now attending the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM) studying for her PhD as Doctor of Natural Medicine.

Dila Asimova

Dila Asimova is a Healing Diet Counselor and Aroma Touch Practitioner for Quantum Institute. She has been working in the medical field over
20 years, with extensive experience in natural and allopathic medicine. She is a graduate of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, CO. Her greatest passion is for educating people about well being through Healing Diet and Essential Oils. Her healing touch has helped many people in Tajikistan and the US. Other classes she offers are about pH balancing, probiotics, healthy cooking, natural cleansing and detoxification, eating living foods, giving aromatouch massage, and much more.

May Hinazumi

Owner and Manager of The Joy of Feng Shui, May is a certified Feng Shui consultant and Spiritual Healer. One of the tools she began to use over twenty years ago, is the art of “energy placement” called Feng Shui.  She traveled many times to southeast Asia to train in the classical school in which energy is defined and used in the environment so that a person can manifest what is desired.  This led to a realization that real happiness is more than more money, a bigger house, expensive shoes of or a fancier car that many people think will make them happy.  She has used her training and experience to development a Feng Shui method more compatible with our life today and easier to apply.  Today she believes in the use of energy, or Feng Shui, and spirit guidance to achieve balance and harmony in the environment so a person can make the best decision to live their best life.


Call 808-626-5087 for more information.