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Aloha –

I just returned from spending a week in Washington DC. Although Congress was on recess and many of the President’s Senior Administrators were traveling with him in Texas due to Harvey, we were able to get a lot done during the SBA’s Regulatory Fairness Board Meetings and Testimony’s.

I was able to help coordinate The Grassroots Institute testimony on the harmful effects of the Jones Act by Keli’I Akina, President of Grassroots Institute and OHA Trustee. I was also able to represent the four Liquor Commissions of Hawaii on the tax clearance issues they have been dealing with for several years (and got the issue resolved I might add). Please see the link below for more details on a very successful Board meeting and updates on all the help the current administration will be offering to the small businesses nationwide.

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Due to a technical issue beyond our control, last week’s Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker was not uploaded to YouTube. This is being fixed and we should have the link within a day or two. After it is uploaded, you will be able to find it by clicking this link (as well as over 100 previous Business in Hawaii Shows) –

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All the best until next week!

PS – so good to be home!!