Senator Will Espero met with criminal justice and sociology students from Remington College at the State Capitol to discuss how a bill is introduced and heard in committee.


“There is an art to getting a bill passed,” Senator Espero told the students.


As the chairman of the Senate Public Safety, Government Operations & Military Affairs committee, Senator Espero will be introducing legislation surrounding the creation of a statewide agency designed to provide “Training and Standards” to all law enforcement organizations in Hawaii.


Senator Espero believes his current draft of the bill regarding law enforcement addresses, both, national and local issues surrounding criminal justice issues.

Aaron Hunger, an instructor at Remington College, stated that, “the honor students that attended the meeting with the Senator are very engaged in reviewing the language surrounding the proposed legislation, to better understand how it would address current issues facing law enforcement in Hawaii.”


The Remington College criminal justice and sociology students alsoJonathan Bussey  with Senator Espero plan to meet with Senator Laura Thielen, this week to discuss proposed legislation about the concerns that were exposed during the briefing on Honolulu Police’s policies and procedures.


Jonathan Bussey, (standing) addresses Senator Will Espero.

Sociology students joining in the discussion included Deslynn Ching, An Huynh and William Moore Jr.