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Residents Alerted to Obamas' Hawaiian Holiday Plans

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN - KAILUA, OAHU - Residents living near the beachfront homes where President Barack Obama and First Family vacation with their friends every year since 2008 were alerted on Monday to some specifics of the Obamas' holiday vacation plans.

The report delivered to residents living along the ocean and canal that surrounds the multi-million dollar homes at Kailuana Place where the President stays, informed  them of restrictions that will be implemented for 20 days beginning December 17 and running through January 6.

In a matter of weeks, Kailua residents will see the familiar street barricades fronted by U.S. Secret Service agents and Navy Seals and the U.S. Coast Guard stationed in canal and ocean waters.

The President, who spent some of his childhood years in Hawaii, brings his wife, two daughters, Sasha and Malia, with dog Bo in tow, each holiday season. They settle into the small town community known for its spectacular sparkling beaches, warm turquoise ocean, rolling surf, country shops and restaurants and friendly people.

The homes where they stay are just a two-minute drive from Kaneohe Bay and the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, where the Obamas and friends can access private white sand beaches and military workout facilities.

Kailua Beach

While many residents welcome the First Family, others are disheartened by the restrictions put on air, water and road travel while the President and family are in town, especially because it is the holiday season and many families on vacation want to use their boats or surf and paddle in the welcoming ocean waves fronting the Kailua homes. In addition, the President's caravan of at least 22 vehicles including an ambulance can easily overwhelm the community that typically has single lane streets.

Adding to the controversy surrounding the President's visit is the cost of the trip.

With the staff, special forces, local police presence and equipment, the President's visit adds up annually to at least a $4 million vacation courtesy of the Hawaii and federal taxpayers.

While the President and his friends pay for their own rental homes, taxpayers pick up the cost of security and waterfront housing for the Secret Service, Navy Seals and Coast Guard as well as staff accommodations at a plush beachfront Waikiki hotel.

TRAVEL: $3,629,622

The biggest expense is President Barack Obama’s round trip flight to Hawaii via Air Force One.

A Congressional Research Service report released in May 2012 said the plane typically used by the President, a Boeing 747, costs $179,750 per hour to operate. The U.S. Air Force has listed the cost of travel as high as $181,757 per flight hour.

Travel time for Air Force One direct from Washington D.C. to Hawaii is about 9 hours or as high as $1,635,813 each way for a total of $3,271,622 for the round trip to Hawaii and back.

The cost for USAF C-17 cargo aircraft that transports the Presidential limos, helicopters and other support equipment to Hawaii has never been disclosed in the years the President has traveled to Hawaii. However, the flight time between Andrews Air Force Base and Hawaii is at about 21.5 hours roundtrip, with estimated operating cost of $12,000 per hour. (Source: GAO report, updated by C-17 crew member). The United States Marine Corps provides a presidential helicopter, along with pilots and support crews for the test flights, which travel on another C-17 flightThat is $258,000, not including costs for the 4 to 6 member crew's per diem and hotel.

Moana Surfrider Resort

The rentals are fronted by the ocean and backed by a canal. So, the taxpayers must cover the costs for housing U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Seals in beach front and canal front homes around where the President stays.

Last year, that added up to about $200 per bedroom per day, or $21,600 per average home for a nearly three week period, with special forces renting at least 7 homes. Security arrives ahead of the President costing taxpayers about $176,400 for the length of the visit.

The President’s staff and White House Press Corps typically stay at one of Hawaii’s oldest and most elegant hotels, the Moana Surfrider. Besides its stunningly beautiful view of Waikiki, and its traditional Hawaiian architecture and decor, it is one of the most pricey hotels in the state and government rates are not available during the holiday season. Rooms  start at around $270 but can cost as much as $370 a night for an ocean view before Christmas, and climb much higher around the new year.

A conservative estimate with rooms at $270 (excluding a 9.25 percent Transient Accommodation Tax and a 4.712 percent General Excise Tax on each bill, meals, internet charges and other charges) means the taxpayers are covering more than $129,600 in hotel bills for some two dozen staff.


Local police are paid over time for the President’s visit, which has historically cost Oahu taxpayers $250,000.

The city ambulance the accompanies the President 24 hours a day through his entire visit is about $10,000 to city taxpayers.


There are several costs the White House annually refuses to release, citing security.

    • For example, the President’s security usually rents an entire floor of an office building in Kailua on the canal during the president’s stay.
    • There are security upgrades and additional phone lines to several private homes where Obama and friends are staying. That includes bullet proof glass installed, home security systems disabled, new security measures put into place and additional phone lines added.
    • There is the cost for car rentals and fuel for White House staff staying at a Waikiki Hotel.
    • And there are additional travel costs Secret Service and White House staff traveling ahead of the President.

The total cost (based on what is known) for a 20-day round trip vacation to Hawaii for the President and his family and staff and security is more than $4 million.

Hawaii Reporter annually has requested details on the cost of the President’s trip, but the White House will not release any figures, citing security concerns. A spokesperson has maintained the costs are "in line" with other presidential vacations.

Hawaii Reporter has sought to determine the cost of vacations for the current president and last two presidents but the Government Accountability Office referred Hawaii Reporter back to the White House spokesperson.

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806 Comments for “Residents Alerted to Obamas' Hawaiian Holiday Plans”

  1. Your douchebaggery knows no bounds, sir.

  2. so glad the one who relates to everyday people won the election. me and all my friends take 4M$ vacations annually.

  3. Leave it to another liberal to bow down to their....God. He's Lord and Savior.remember?? You're a pathetic bunch. World Pub???? Who gives a shite. What matters is and what HE should be concerned with is the American people and our economy. He's an F-ing hypocrite.

  4. The fake outrage from the right on here is priceless. Any time a president travels, vacation or otherwise, the costs are pretty astronomical because of who he is.. This is not an Obama thing, it is what it is. When Bush would travel to Marthas Vineyard ( Yes folks he is not the Yee Haw Texan you think he is..his family is North East Rich) what do you think he jumped into a Mini van on his ow. This is what it is when you travel as President. Thats what it costs to fly Airforce One which you are obligated to do when you are President..etc etc. Enough with the fake outrage,

    • You're a clown. Bush went home to his Texas ranch 90% of the time on his vacations. That's right, he went HOME. If Bush was going to Hawaii & spending $4M in taxpayer money for his vacations, I would be equally outraged loser.

      • If Bush had taken these lavish vacations the OBummer Media would be none stop talking about how while the people are suffering , he is on his $4 Mil vacation. If Romney was president doing this it would be the same, the media would have all the numbers flashing of what every little thing is costing the taxpayers. BUT when he comes to "THE ONE" it's SHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh you can hear the Crickets

      • You're RIGHT! Bush DID go home. All the time in fact and spent 5 times more on his own vacations. Maybe you should do a bit of reading before posting things online.

        Here, let me help you out:

      • Even if your are correct about President Bush taking more vacations than Obummer, I doubt that all of his vactions amount to the cost of 1 of Obummer & Moochelles lavish road trips!

      • There is no "if" about it, you moron. And there's nothing "lavish" about the vacations Obama has taken.

      • You are full of crap. Bush's visits home were nothing compared to the millions spent by Moochelle and Obummer! He went to his own property, paid for by his own funds, in Texas, not some exotic vacation place.

      • For the year 2011, taxpayers spent $1.4 BILLION in total upkeep for Obama and Moochelle the beard. The Brits' only spent $58 MILLION on the Royal Family the same year! We spent more to support Obama and Moochelle the beard's lifestyle than all the royals of Europe combined!

      • Who says it is a lie? Can't you see figures and add them yourself? I went from Florida to Hawaii in 1989 and it cost me over $1,500 for just the hotel and airfare and I did not stay at the MOST expensive hotel, in fact far from it.

        The libs are morons who cannot do simple math: 77 Bush trips do not equal the Obama lavish vacations.

        That is where the lie is and Bush never sent his kid to Mexico for spring break with some friends at the cost of also 4 million...You do know about that little outing, don't you?

        Every trip to Hawaii is 4 million and he has gone on at least 4 trips...that alone is 16 million (simple math)

        Now add into that Africa and all the other places and it is clear that in less than 4 yrs obama has well exceeded Bush's spending in 8 yrs in office.

        Bush also was not on the verge of a fiscal cliff. What can you not understand about giving an example..the folks suffer and he is living off more money that the entire royal family in the UK. How can you be so daft?

        Note: Obama DOES NOT attend security meetings in the morning, as Bush did EVERY morning. The two cannot be compared.

      • And lets not forget commandeering Airforce 1 for the wife and kids to go to Yellowstone a couple of years ago too. Everywhere they go, the entire town/park has to be reorganized, cops are pulled from regular duty to provide traffic and security. Not only do they go, but they actually use a cargo plane to fly the limos and baggage. Lets not forget the mother in law camping out in the white house as well or Michelle's staff of 22....all while this guy preaches to the public that he is "one of us". Kiss my a$$ Obama, you're part of the top 2% you've been complaining about for the last four years. I bet you won't be giving up your healthcare or taking a 48% payroll tax per check.

      • Yeah, imagine if we were NOT facing a financial meltdown. Then the Dicktater could spend 8 million on one trip and have a REAL good time. Heck, he could then justify a trip for him and bo to visit the MOON.

      • Bush spent way too much time on vacation and wasted billions and trillions of dollars on fake wars, so worrying about the drop in the bucket cost of Obama's vacations is pointless. Plus he saved us from a depression. How much time did Bush spend looking for Bin Laden? How long did it take Obama to get him?

      • Obama has spent more and had more deaths in Afghanistan than 7 years of Bush. Get past the Bush bashing and start looking at the details. Oh I forgot, Obama worshippers don't do facts.

      • Pull your head out of your rear. Think for yourself, Bush rarely went on vacation other than when he went to Texas. Obummer has not saved us from anything yet...fiscal cliff ring any bells? Obama did not get Bin Laden, our Navy Seals did that.

      • Give Obama SOME credit, he is the first POTUS to lose our AAA credit rating. We've been downgraded now what TWICE because of him.

      • Obama didn't get him, Stupid Eagle. Brave military men did. All Obama did was finally give into the people who were urging him to go ahead with the mission. And then he took the credit.

      • No, you're the clown. Obama is FROM HAWAII you idiot. And the $4 million figure is MADE UP.

      • Obama is from Kenya you assssssssshole. your facts are are all miscued. He lies and you swear to it. You'll follow him over the cliff some day

      • Hawaii is his HOME...that is where he grew up

      • I also was born in Hawaii and was raised there for my childhood. I do not call it my "home" though. My current state that I have lived in for 20 yrs, where I pay taxes is my "home". Does he own a home in Hawaii? Does he pay Hawaiian taxes? No. Then he is not a "Hawaiian". Where is his true home? Kenya? Illinois? DC? I don't think he even knows.

      • HIS HOME IS IN INDONESIA, get your facts straight!

      • Everyone would be outraged if Bush had vacationed like that! The liberl media would be the most outraged of all! That's all they would report on during the whole time of a Bush $4M Hawaiian vacation and for weeks afterwards.

      • You can't argue with them are make sense, don't even try.

    • Let's see stupid.. Martha Vineyard is alot closer to DC than Hawaii.. Fake outrage... Damn I hate stupid people

      • You must really hate that person in the mirror. How 'bout obozo do his damn job for a change? I'd be surprized if he knew where his office is, likely needs to have his hand held to get there for the photo ops of him playing grownup.

    • Yes, but I recall the Leftwingers getting all bent out of shape with outrage when Bush took his vacations. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    • Not fake outrage -- real outrage.

      Bush didn't vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Obama does every year. Bill Clinton did. Neither of the Bush's.

      Both 41 and 43 "vacationed" at their homes (Kennebunk, Maine, and Crawford, Texas), that had been modified once each for the special phones, security, glass, etc. Neither home required additional rental properties to support the security. Finally, most importantly, both Bush's used their vacations at their homes to continue to work. 43 missed less than 10 daily intel briefs in 8 years in office. President Obama has missed more than 50%, including not having a single brief in the week before 9/11 this year, aka, the week before Benghazi.

      Repeat -- it's not FAKE outrage. It's all about character and class.

      • Yes but Bush Daddy 1 and Junior 2 were Real Presidents!

      • Spoken like a OHIO voter. As a private business owner, I had been buying goods/services from Ohio based businesses. I have since ammended that policy. Cheers on your idiotic vote.

      • ??? Fred ???

        Your post makes no sense. I state a few simple facts, e.g., the Bush's never vacationed on the Vineyard, then you slam all Ohio people and make some assumption on my "idiotic" vote.

        First, 2.6 Million people in Ohio voted for Romney. It just so happens 2.7 Million voted for Obama. How do you paint the entire state with one brush when it is so clearly divided? If you are making business decisions based on such a divided vote, your business is not likely to survive this economy. Second, just because I was born and raised in Ohio, doesn't mean that's where I still live and vote. Again, assumptions like that are not smart business.

      • Good for you. I too look to see from where I order my goods. I am just a private citizen.

      • Those numbers are complete lies. Obama has missed no intel briefs. Bush constantly ignored them. Including all those warnings in 2001 about the impending 9/11 attacks.

    • Teapartier in Cal.

      Well, most presidents went to their vacation homes (minimal cost to taxpayers) and did not spend 3 weeks, multiple planes, lavish meals like this a#$%$##$% family. While the American people struggle to provide a decent christmas for their children and worry about how much their taxes will go up and where the money will come from and hope to put a good meal on the table this f*^%$#%^* family is living it up in Hawaii. Those of you who voted this animal in deserve everything you will get and I can't wait to see your faces when he gives it to YOU ALSO!!

      • OMG.. I couldn't of said it better.

      • I have said it over and over. Wait until these IDIOTS, yes IDIOTS,REALIZE WHAT THEY'VE DONE.. I know some of the ones that voted his way and I've said, can't wait to see your face when it all comes crashing down. Just wish the ones of us with brains, didn't have to go down with the ship. As patriotic as I have always considered myself in the past, I am pissed that the pride, I've always held so dear, has been ripped away. The day, Americans didn't want a smart, very well educated, charitable, successful, God fearing, family man who had an incredibly extensive résumé of getting deficits down, business successes, and charitable contributions, to run our country, it was over. I was raised when a father and mother worked endlessly for everything we had. The good old days.. I have tried to calm down since the election. Guess a 20 million Hawaiian vacation is enough to get me worked up all over again.

    • Wow, just wow. After reading this information, you actually still stick up for the president. Blind leading the blind I suppose. Oh boy, are we in trouble. In liberal eyes, this guy can do no wrong. I'm truly in aw of how Obama has all of these people blindly following him. I don't care if your dem, rep, or whatever...this should piss you off.

    • Bush went to Kennebunkport where GHWBush owns the family compound! They did not go to Martha's Vineyard and incur exorbitant and absurd costs the way these hypocritical elitist jerks do---Bush also utilized Camp David, the presidential retreat for many past presidents. Bush also used his own ranch in Crawford, and Reagan's used their home in San Clemente! None of the former presidents used the taxpayer dollars the way these people have and it's a crime!!! But then , they are "special" ....further, the number of entourage is sickening!

    • He and his family spent 1. 8 billion dollars of tax payers money last year u would think he would cut back on his spending and do the job he was elected to do

    • considering the state of the economy, the middle class he CARES so much about his and the first mooche should keep there azzes on the mainland...everyone needs to do there fair share ..remember

    • Hey eastcoast liberal, you pay for the vaca then. You want this clown serviced like an emperor then you and the rest of the sick liberal trash out there can fund it. This clown has nothing I want. I have everything he needs-my income.

      I truly hope that the trash that voted for this clown pays for it first, then pays for it the worst-starting with geniuses like you. If you had any clue whosoever about what's coming because of this idiot's destruction of our economy you'd want to send him straight to hell-not Hawaii! My God! Liberals are truly the most ignorant people on the planet!

    • Here's the point, eastcoastSurf, since you missed it... It looks really, really bad for the president and his family to take a 20-day, $4 million Hawaiian vacation on taxpayer dollars when the country is broke, the economy continues to stink, the "fiscal cliff" he keeps talking about is looming just weeks away, and so many people are financially hurting (largely due to Democratic, and specifically, Obama policies). With all his golf outings and lavish vacations, this guy Obama has created the impression that he's an emperor living large on the backs of his people. Now do you understand?

      • Par t of their Entourage are Mooooochelles Hair stylist, Stylist, make up lady etc After all she just cannot go on vacation w/out her 23 Servants!!

    • You're wrong eastcoastSurf. W. went to Kennebunkport, ME, once in awhile where his family has a compound. W. also retreated mostly to Crawford, TX, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and poses less security risk or inconvenience for the local residents. The Clintons and Obamas are the ones who vacay at Martha's Vineyard. A jaunt on the east coast is MUCH cheaper than going to Hawaii. Why not Chicago? Why not stay in DC until a budget deal is reached, you know, LEADING? Didn't he reapply for and win his job? There is such a thing as leading by example, and this administration does not (a Treasury Sec. who failed to pay his personal taxes; a personal friend/informal advisor named Valerie Jarrett receiving SS protection; etc.). It is obscene for the First Family to expect any American to tighten his/her belt and make tough economic choices when they CHOOSE to vacation in the most expensive state. How about they host their family at the WH?

    • The outrage isn't fake eastcoast, it is real that this president and his mooching wife spend millions of taxpayer dollars on their own selfish wishes. It is morons like you who put this incompetent loser back into office. By the way, there is quite a difference in cost of going to Marthas Vineyard and Crawford Texas vs flying to Hawaii.

      • FYI: We live on Maui, and have to visit our son back East each year. (grandchildren). We paid $1200 RT each, last May. Doubt it will be less next time we go.

        Hard to fathom how anyone can believe this man when he opens his mouth. He feels people's pain. He knows how it is with us poor working or non-working folks. Has American gone totally brain dead?

        BTW - he just announced that he's not really planning on cutting spending at all. Just raising taxes. And if Congress doesn't agree, fine - he's happy to see everyone's taxes go up Jan 1. Probably planning his Easter vacation - Around the world in 80 days sounds like fun...and we'll be paying for it, as usual.

    • Are you one of those paid bloggers who sit at the computer all day to try to fend off criticism for the Elustreous One? Why don't you take a stroll on your east coast line to see how all those folks are vacationing these days? Obama needs to negotiate before he goes on vacation to solve the fiscal problem!

    • So, you're on welfare, right? Only an Obama cultist could draw moral equivalence between Bush's travel and Obama's royal extravagances which cost the taxpayers 3.5 BILLION dollars a year, Look it up if you don't believe it. I dare you.

    • Again, the Obama's spend more on their vacations than ALL the Royal Families of Europe combined!! Just a tad excessive, don't you think???

    • You're an idiot. Bush spent more than 90% of his vacations in Crawford, Texas, which was already a "secured" location. Therefore, no additional costs were incurred by the taxpayer when he went home to the ranch.

    • Those costly trips to Martha's Vineyard where taken by the Clintons. Bush vacationed modestly at his home in Texas.

    • Sir, I am a Texan, and Bush DID NOT take 4 million dollar holidays. He came to Texas to HIS RANCH, bought with HIS money. I only lived a few miles away, and Bush acted every inch a down to earth person. He even talked to people! Not like our guarded whatever he is in there now. We know NOTHING about this guy...spent millions to keep his secrets. One day, the whole thing is going to pop open with this fraud. Wait and see. HMHappy

      • Bush Spent 5 Times More On Flights To Texas Than Obama‘s Christmas Vacation Costs

      • Knucklehead -- did you read the link you posted?

        Bush's 77 trips to Crawford, TX, spread over 8 years cost $20 Million.
        Obama's 1 trip to Hawaii is $4 Million.

        Yes -- 77 trips cost 5 times more than the 1 trip.

        Now why don't you take some time and add up ALL the Obama trips:
        Hawaii '09
        Hawaii '10
        Hawaii '11
        Hawaii '12
        Vineyard '09
        Vineyard '10
        Vineyard '11
        Vineyard '12
        Gulf Coast '10
        Maine '11
        Chicago '12
        Africa, Spain, London....

      • The $4 million figure is a lie, though.

      • Liberal post is not a valid source. Try using data grom GAO.

      • The really stupid thing about the leftist generated outrage about Bush so called vacations to his ranch, is that they weren't vacations. The ranch was set up with everything needed to use it as a "White House SW". He worked from early in the morning on Presidential business at his ranch. Dignitaries were even brought there to carry on international business. It was a better place to meat with foreign dignitaries than around all of the Washington pressure and hoopla. Where would an honest, down to earth meeting between two heads of States likely take place, in Washington D.C., or at a down home Texas ranch? Where could a President think more clearly, in D.C., or at a Texas ranch where the air was fresh and he could clear his head by doing a little honest man's ranch type work? That is why he liked it in Texas, not because he didn't work hard there, but because it was away from Washington D.C. with all of it's affected mind and heart numbing politicking. Many Presidents have had a place to go to that they worked at doing the people's business, because they wanted to be away from D.C. feeling that they could function as President better, being stationed at least part of the time, somewhere else. So lefties need to get over it, Bush worked for us while he stayed at his rather humble styled ranch.

      • Sorry about the word spelled wrong. meat=meet

    • Bush went to Camp David because it was secure, wonderful and considerate to the staffers and he waited until after the holidays so that Secret Service could have the holiday with their families. Bush and family didn't travel all over the world averaging 4 major trips a year at a cost of 1.38 billion dollars a year and the Bush entourage was not one 10th the size of Michelle's entourage. And the economy wasn't in the shitter like it is now, so it wasn't rubbing the tax payers faces in extreme inconsiderate spending. It didn't cost 1/3rd the cost of Hawaii to go to MV....connect the dots moron...MV is a lot closer to the WH than Hawaii!

      • Bush Spent 5 Times More On Flights To Texas Than Obama‘s Christmas Vacation Costs

      • Hey knucklehead -- more than 1 can play at the "post the same thing over and over game"...

        Bush's 77 trips to Crawford, TX, spread over 8 years cost $20 Million.
        Obama's 1 trip to Hawaii is $4 Million.

        Yes -- 77 trips cost 5 times more than the 1 trip.

      • No, you moron, Obama's 1 trip to Hawaii does not cost $4 million. The people who wrote this article are LYING.

      • Prove it, Cal. Where are your facts? It is quite easy to just proclaim something is fake isn't it? You've got nothing just shut up, be the lemming you are and follow your god over the cliff. The real, rational world does not need you and those like you.

    • Why don't you let it go? Bush did not abuse his power like this loser does. Don't forget what goes around comes around and our day is coming when the loser has to own up for his misdeeds and the ignoramuses that voted for him.

    • Bush never went to Martha's Vineyard. It was Clinton. You most be new at politics. You don't have your stats.

    • Well aren't you ignorant. Bush's family has their own place on coast of Maine. That's where they went on vacations. Marthas Vineyard is BO & Co. They surround themselves with the RICH they despise to the public. What hypocrites they are not to mention all the other vacations the first lady takes herself on. They are living it up at a time when the rest of us can't go on ANY vacation.

    • False equivalency argument here.

      I am aware of the cost of presidential travel these days given it is a dangerous world we live in now. I'm also very much aware of Bush's roots since he and I share some of the same ancestors, both the Lopers and the Melyns of New Amsterdam. However Bush and Obama presided over tow very different economies. Bush presided over a relatively prosperous economy for most of his presidency with the crash, ironically caused by laws enacted by Democrats, coming at the end of his presidency. Bush did try to do something about that but was bitterly opposed by powerful democrats who insisted there was nothing wrong which needed fixing.

      Obama, on the other hand, presides over a depression his policies haven't helped at all and are likely to make worse. Traditionally in a democracy leaders are expected to be an example for the people. Extravagance at a time when people are hurting and the president himself is demanding that the wealthy make sacrifices in terms of their wealth is the wrong example to make. Obama daily plays the class warfare card and criticizes the wealthy for their greed and waste. Then he goes right out their and acts just like them. There is a word for that you know. At a time like this it is his role to set the example and jet-setting to Hawaii for a 20 vacation, a luxury none of the poor can afford, just isn't it. Nobody dragged him kicking and screaming into the office of the presidency, he wanted it, so he needs to start acting like one.

      • at least the wealthy are doing it on their own dime.. aren't we heading to a fiscal cliff ? Isn't that what Obozo has been saying? Yet, run up huge debt for him to vacation like an emperor?

    • bho is not obligated to fly to Hawaii for 20 days. And, would you please drop the blame President Bush nonsense. Jeeez, you are a retard....and, that's an insult to retards. PS: I am so glad I don't know you.

    • It is absolutely an outrage,and in this economic climate and looming crisis,,,he should spend his Christmas at home,...and serve meals at a shelter....he acts not one bit of concern for the american people...you bet this is outrageous....with a capital O ! Un-frikn'-believable !! I'm so ashamed we have such a so called leader.

    • Hmm, flying to Martha's Vineyard is a bit cheaper than flying to Hawaii and btw, I think it is Kennebunkport, ME where the Bush's (President 41) have a place of THEIR OWN.......and GWB usually went home to Texas, again to a place of THEIR OWN and still cheaper than Hawaii......

    • No one was outraged at the the 50+ annual golf outings bush went on....oh yeah...he didn't.

    • Yes the Righties feel slighted because they dont consider him "true" president.So they are mad when they were never mad about W travelling to Maine on Air Force one and Texas as You point out. The amazing thing on this forum is the hyposcrisy and they dont respect democracy - that the majority of the voters voted for the Prez. So if you did not vote for him - its ok - but dont assume you are smarter than the majority of Americans- if you do you are a douchebag.
      PRez Obama is the legitimate prez of the US and he has to have security and the other stuff that previous presidents have. And with all teh threats from some haters- Secret service dial up his security. Merry Xmas Mr. president. Congrats on being reelected

      • You are missing the point. Yes its true presidents require all the security afforded that position. I dont even slight him for needing a vacation after the hard campaign.
        The point is the COST difference. Costs that are paid by taxpayers. An understanding 'Prez", as you say, would show consideration to the average american who is struggling and not thumbing his nose at the rest of us. Yes "us" of all political backrounds.
        Just because he is entitled to spend doesnt mean he is showing good judgement in doing so. If you read this as hate then you need to do some soul searching.

    • I don't recall Bush going to Martha's Vinyard... That is Obama's other vacation spot. Bush loved holidays at his ranch...very modest by Obama's standard!

    • The Bush family has a home in Maine, not Martha's Vineyard.

      There's a difference, sunshine.

      Perhaps you meant the Clintons?

    • Well said, All total Bush spent 1 YEAR of his presidency on vacation. It ws ok for Bush to run down to his ranch every other weekend. Where was he when Katrin struck? Oh my, he was in California getting a guitar from some Country singer, but I guess that was ok.

    • Bush also stayed at the white house during some years so that everyone involved could have time off for the holidays. this president is going 6000 miles. and forcing secret service to spend time in hawaii without their families around.

    • The Bushes didn't travel to Martha's Vineyard, they have a home in Kennebunkport, Maine...However, the Clinton's and the Obama's have traveled to Martha's Vineyard on their summer vacations....

    • Fake outrage? I wish you were here in my living room so I could take some of that "fake outrage' out on you. You libs are dispicable.

    • The battle lines have been drawn. This is war. I will fight you and your kind until the day I die, a- holes like you. Socialist, ideologue communists.And you are legion. I hope you starve to death under Obama and you can find some cake if you are lucky. You have no idea how stupid you are. I will see you on the soup and bread lines from afar. Lol you idiotic low IQ Obamabot.

    • Bull! Bush traveled to Texas His family had a home in Maine and it didn't cost as much as a Hawaiian jaunt. Right outrage? Think again my man. I am from the left. If it was one vacation a year it would be one thing but this fmily does nothing on the cheap....not even a romantic dinner can be done with care for the people's money. He's rich let him put his hand in his pocket.

      • Double bull, polly. Obama was born in Hawaii as I was. Who the hell are you Teadiot to forbid anyone to go visit his place of birth? That he incurs such expenses to fly AirForce One is par for the course. Every president who flies incurs that expense. But Teadiots like you think that if a GOP/TP president flies the AirForce One plane, it costs a whole lot less.

      • You and your ilk OWN what Obama is doing. Those of us intelligent enough NOT to ever cast a vote for him can have a clear conscience as he drives our nation into bankruptcy. Too bad you can't say the same thing.

      • Perhaps there would be less outrage if this was a once a year type thing. I got it...It is expensive for the President to travel. So why do it so much? And while the job is stressful, a guy who has spent the preceeding 12 months in and out of firefights in Afghanistan only gets around 2 weeks when he gets home.

      • If Obama was born in Hawaii, why is his SS# from a dead man in Massachusetts. Your straw man arguments are getting a little tiresome. Obama is not eligible to be president PERIOD. iconico62 go suck an egg.

    • eastcoastsurf, there is no "splainin" to Teadiots. Take them for what they are. They just don't like the idea of a minority doing things supposedly reserved for the white male.

    • No fake outrage, the REAL issue is that most Americans are struggling right now, and an extravagent vacation by their leader is an insult to the people right now. Our president expects us to pay more in taxes, then he goes on a vacation in which taxpayer money is used to provide services to he and his family. People are angry and rightfully so. I do not begrudge the man a vacation, I just wish he would be more sensitive to the people that are keeping him in office.

    • I'm sick of this false left /right paradigm. Bush sucked and Obama sucks. As long as you krrp voting for democrats and republicans. You're going to keep getting screwed by democrats and republicans. And eastcoastSurf, you spelled your name wrong. Under this system we're all serfs... S E R F.

      • Yes no matter who's in office many people get screwed but the economy boomed during Clinton. Then Bush took office and wasted billions and trillions on wars he started based on false evidence (Saddam has WMDs). Now we've having to pay for that and more.

      • Eagle -- you left one key thing out of your timeline: 9/11.

        Remember 9/11? Remember what the stated goal of the terrorists were? The goal was to destroy the U.S. economy. DESTROY our economy. They failed. They didn't destroy it. But they did give it one heck of a shake. That shake broke a few dot com bubbles.

        Meanwhile, those "billions and trillions" on war -- 10 years of war in BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan was equal to ONE YEAR of deficit spending with Obama. 10 years of war equals 1 stimulus package. Wars aren't cheap but they are small potatoes compared to the ongoing spending.

    • @eastcoastsurf - you have GWB confused with the Clinton's who spend their time on the Vineyard. GWB would spend his time off at HIS ranch in Texas. I for one think the Obama's should vacation for the next 4 years - even at the astronomical cost it would still be less damage to the country than if he was "working."

    • Hey genius--this is a multi-week vacation. Sure security is expensive, but it's made much more so by the length of the trip.

    • And YOU know how??? You must be one of the lower middle class that needs handouts. You should be outraged that he's getting all that he can before he goes back to his pathetic Chicago existence. Looks how many handouts you could get if he was more reasonable instead of being a two faced loser

    • Hey eastcoastSurf iot!!!! The difference between Obama and the other presidents who took an equally expensive vacation was that they didn't do it in the middle of an economic collapse!!! Does that make sense? How is that for fake outrage? And why is it fake outrage because you don't agree with it? I would love to see your fake outrage when Obama can't find a way to pay for your freebies anymore. You moochers make me sick!!!! OBAMA IS NOT YOUR BABY DADDY!!! OBAMA IS NOT YOUR EMPLOYER!!!!! Ignorant fools.

    • well now, just let us see the difference between flying to Marthas Vinyard and Hawaii. Cost the same??? I think not.

    • eastcoastSurf......you must be off your meds.....talking crazy.......no president has cost the American people the expense that obummer and muchellee has. They do not care......THIS IS AN ENDLESS PARTY TO BOTH OF THEM......

    • What a stupid comparison - Martha's vineyard versus Oahu, Hawaii!!! I believe that it would cost considerably less to travel to Martha's vineyard than to Hawaii (air force one, alone costs More than $179,000 one way, and by the way Michelle Obama pushes the expense button even further (just to show taxpayers that she can by going two or three days earlier at another $179,000 one way trip). So, eastcoastSurf, you apparently do not pay any taxes or you are just plain stupid!!!! The ordinary middle class family is lucky to even have a vacation much less $4 million dollars worth at taxpayer expense. It is not only an outrage, it is downright CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • we were not facing a fiscal cliff/huge debt or a majority of the problems we are facing TODAY... back then - in this day and age - he should show more common sense. He was just elected , unfortunately, to LEAD us. WE have ZERO leadership from the White House!

    • You don't have that quite right. Bush may have stayed on MV -- but most of his vacations were on his own ranch. No rental. No inconvenience for neighbors. He did not take anywhere nearly as large a staff. He didn't take nearly as many -- or as long -- vacations. Yes, flying AF1 costs what it costs. But 22 vehicles? Staying on a waterfront and canal, making security harder to provide, and more expensive?

      Obama has taken more vacations than any previous president. And more lavish ones. And, of course, there are those that the Queen took on her own.

    • eastcoastSurf, You are about one Moron !

    • The ourtage comes from the idea that a lot of people that I know are tightening their belts because they can't afford to take vacations over the last few years, and it doesn't look like the first family gives a crap. Yes, Presidents should be allowed to travel and take vacations, but does it have to be a $4million dollar one - every year? Not to mention the costs of the other vacations taken. Can we say - diplomacy? How about tact? The country has 23 million people unemployed or underemployed and that doesn't seem to even be a blip on this guy's radar.

    • education required

      Martha's Vineyard is a bit closer than Hawaii. MUCH less cost and previously released reports show that the Obama administration, esp his wife, has increased the number of "assistants" to unheard of numbers.

    • Not this expensive!! You don't know as much as you think. Plus, this Pres doesn't care that he is in the way of the neighborhood's residents doing what they normally can do--like using the water and beach they paid to live near. Selfish, uncaring, egocentric... Bush didn't spend much to return to his own ranch--where he went on most vacations--not Martha's Vineyard. You are wrong.

    • And just where did Bush stay? NOT Martha's vineyard.( that's where Obama stays) The Bush family (Mom &Dad) own a home, Kinnebunkport. Bush didn't rent an expensive home and his security stayed in the Bush compound. Yes his family is rich. They worked for it. Obama has never had a real job. Where has his millions come from? Not just from book deals, that's for sure. And by the way, who paid for him to fly all over the country in Air Force One when he campaigned for the last four years?

    • Hey east coast surf... Go check those costs from the last several Presidents!!! Not EVEN close..... W hung out in TEXAS , Reagan cancelled vacations so HIS STAFF COULD BE WITH THEIR FAMILY.. and we werent in a MOSTER recession with hundreds of thousands of Americans without BASIC NEEDS ... This president and his family could care less about the american people... they will continue to live like KINGS while The USA continues to decline ... Obama will continue to do whatever he feels, without anyone in the mainstream media even batting an eye! But this President doesnt understand the value of a dollar does he... over the fiscal cliff we go...

    • He wasn't traveling for 9 hours requiring at least 2 meals, cost of fuel. No fake outrage here. Maybe he should share his vacation with the middle class he so vehemently says he is looking out for. Wouldn't some of them love a trip to Hawaii.

    • Lol no Obama and his wife have spent more in vacations than any 5 presidents put together ,but do the research yourself as you would not believe me lol,but you won't Koolade is so much easier to swallow!

    • Well,my outrage isn't fake. I know it costs "any" President to travel. But not just "any" President is facing a freaking fiscal ABYSS that he created. He doesn't give a crap about anyone but himself and his own. He isn't the least bit concerned about inconveniencing anyone, costing billions, or anything like it. He's not concerned about the "fiscal farce" either. He created it. He's HOPING we'll all plunge over it. The communist bastard.

    • Obamabot zombie!

      Bush went to Camp Cavid on Marine 1. Average round trip cost $10,000. No fleet of huge cargo planes as he dod not take a fleet of 22 armored limos. When he went to Texas, it was 2 hours on AF1. He got off the plane and into his pickup. No fleet of limos, no expensive resort rentals, no inconvenience to the neighbors. 8 years of Bush's vacations did not cost the taxpayers as much as this Oblameboy trip! It cost us $2.6 Billion to support these pathetic wannabe Obama royalty just last year! It only costs $58 million to support the entire British royal family!

    • Finally someomne who has facts and is informed and see how he is slammed by the ignorant and close-minded?

    • Thank you surf finnally some one with good sense,when President Bush went to Texas 3times a year nothing was said because he was the President. But when President Obama does anything wow he spending to much money.

    • The problem here is that all of the SOB's in DC are crooks. There are just different levels of crookedness. The current #1 family has set a new goal for others that follow and to duplicate will take a lot of coaching from BO. Keep spending baby, the presses are rolling and we must get it into the economy!!

  5. Merry Christmas everybody! What's the big deal about a 4 MILLION dollar trip while we can barely afford Christmas presents, the government REFUSES to cut back on spending and they continue to cling to the delusional that "Raising Taxes" on
    the rich is going to get us out of the hole. Raising taxes on the rich will only PAY FOR ONE WEEK out of a year's worth of government spending. But at least that one week will pay for one of the Obama's vacations!! Aren't we good Americans? I am becoming one of those bitter Americans who is clinging to my guns and my religion. Surprised everyone else isn't.Maybe the Big O will reconsider and set a good example by tightening his belt and staying home in D.C. to address our financial meltdown If he would do that I may gain a little respect for the man.

    • Well gee, he worked sooo hard getting re-elected, he deserves a little treat.

    • But taxing those evil rich more sounds soooo good to the dim-wit wet-pantie liberals who put this moron back into office. I too cling to my guns and religion, especially the guns. Hope Obama remembers that.

    • If you hear someone say that taxes from the rich will only pay for one week of government spending- you know they watch Hannity and Fox too much. So what - is that a case that we should just burden the Middle class and leave the rich? A nd if its not that much the rich should have it easy paying it. They also say rich pay 70% or whatever of the taxes- again so what? IF the rich make 100% of the money then they have to pay 100% of teh tax bill. Wisen up Fox types- Romeny did not win liek they had been telling you.

    • Yes and that Buffett fraud is now buying up water. He is repulsive

    • I'll have to agree with you on vacation time. We all try to have family time .I don't see why it wouldn't be a thrill to spend the holidays at home with all the trimmings that are there for you. The extra forces going along would probably like to be with their families, also. He is supposed to be a president,,, not a King or royalty. Merry Christmas.

    • vanderfk raising taxes on the rich will put them in the same bracket as the underrepresented middle class of America who actually make this nation a place worth living in.

    • taking back tax cuts they should have never received is the first step to solvency even though republicans only mention national debts when democrats are in the white house. social securtiy , medicaid come out of my paycheck they are not entitlements they are social nets that 98% of Americans deserve to see a return on. The rich own the media, they own the republicans, they own the supreme court.It is the solemn duty of americans , to wake up and stop drinking the kool aid and to expose the minority that is running this country into the ground on purpose for there own selfish benefit. that minority is the same group that have the majority of the wealth in this country but have zero % of the patriotism for this country. there kids dont go to the wars they start, they do not have to worry about finding work just where to move there factory for the cheapest labor.

    • if your bitter and you are clinging to your gun, how about picking up a book and learning about the history of this country and the rich folks avarice there bottomless greed, how we as a country have been here before recession because of the same institutions and failed policies favoring the excessively wealthy few . maybe you will stop voting against the future and strength of this great nation.. and if your still clinging to your religion how about praying for the God appointed leader of this nation.

    • You said a MOUTH FULL!! SO TRUE! We are struggling to pay bills while that man called OBAMA lives in luxury for the rest of his life. He makes me sick to my stomach!

    • Don't hold your breath. Never happen

  6. Tens of millions of American's are out of work, tens of millions of foods stamps, millions relying on the government for a cell phone, a millions servicemen spread throughout the world keeping peace, withno budget in place to pay for all of this, and the leader takes a THREE WEEK vacation???? Three weeks!!??!!

    • Wouldn't this family set a great example by staying home (and what a grand home with servants it is ) and having a family Christmas holiday. Everyone would feel more kindly to these people if they exercised what the rest of America is expected to do.

      • But the Kommisar and his familia are above us peasants!!!

      • You keep assuming that "everyone" does not feel kindly of the Prez family.If that was the case he would not have been re-elected just 3 weeks ago. Fair minded people dont begrudge prez for taking vacation liek many other families do. You keep thinking people hate the prez but they dont - get it. ?

      • What family takes a $4M vacation on the taxpayers dime? At a time when Obama should be doing his job! Obama is a fool.... a Kardashian fool.

      • Most Americans get 2 weeks for the whole year.

      • But you "fair minded" liberals have a huge problem with the people of this country that worked hard and are rich because of it, and that most likely employ you?! If our country was on the upswing of a horrible economy, I highly doubt people would be so upset about a 3 week vacation. The FACT, that we are heading for a fiscal meltdown and he just takes off as if everything is ok, is was upsets me the most...not that I can't take a vacation, I've never been able to afford one so it matters not to me. No worries Charles, he's just going to increase yours and my taxes to continue to pay for HIS out of control spending. We'll see how much everyone still likes him when we are ALL begging...But, I bet you think it can't happen to you, huh Charles?

    • Remember the 'empty chair'? Obama doesn't care about the people of this country. Evidence of that is still on the East Coast - i.e. Sandy! People who lost everything - Obama was there promising everything for all of 48 hours? Some lost everything they had - others still without power...and they condemned Dubya for Katrina? http://www.canadafreeepress.com/index.php/article51346

    • THREE WEEKS??? OMG!!!!! And to think, Bush only took 1020 days of vacation. WOW...lmao

  7. There goes the neighborhood.
    It is sad their children are being taught believing endless taxpayer funded vacations that disrupt other people's lives are the norm. Leaders don't act like this but rulers do.






    • Capping your comment is considered yelling and is unbecoming. "rest of us" that you refer to are not the majority of the people. The majority of the people voted for prez - as it happens in a democracy. ( I get it - we are stupid unless we vote for a douchebag liek Romney liek you did)

    • rape is selling.. this country out to wall street and arab sheiks, that scoundrel you say vacationed on his ranch was born with a gold spoon in his mouth , and still used this nations brave young men and women to enrich his cronies for filthy lucre. Obama is a product of the middle class a truer swath of this nation than any son of a banker will ever be. Why it is you would question his family's right to take a vacation, when his job is a 24/7 on call active duty status is suspect to me.

    • Not only did Laura and George W. take their vacations at either Camp David or at their ranch in Crawford, TX (at a fraction of the cost and when George would do chores like mend fences), but for the Christmas holiday, they would go to their ranch the day AFTER Christmas, so the WH security staff could be home with their families during Christmas. Think about it. When Obama and Moochelle the beard goes off on their Christmas vacation that extends from mid-December through the first week of January, the WH staff that travels with them, including the $105k annual salaried dog handler, must be away from their families the whole time at Christmas. How very self-centered and selfish of the Obamas.

      • Sorry mister sour grapes. Bush took 1020 days, a record for two terms. In his first term he took more than twice what Obama took. Keep on whining and spreading that right wing gossip and hatred though. You conservatives hate facts.

  9. Beautiful Hawaii? Maybe once upon a time. Now Hawaii is the canker of the Pacific. Drugs, welfare, crime, overcrowding, taxes, high prices, tourists, smog, and more all add up to make this place a tropical dump.

  10. Work harder comrades! We can pay for it.

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