Linda Lingle (Photo by Dave Livingston)
Linda Lingle announces candidacy for U.S. Senate (Photo by Dave Livingston)
BY CORRIE HECK – Hawaii Reporter has diminished its journalistic status by posting a disgusting cartoon and fictional story of Governor Lingle at the recent Hawaii Republican Party State Convention.
There is no room for this inappropriate commentary in Hawaii politics, and we call on Hawaii Reporter to remove the offensive and out-of-line post immediately.

John Carroll and his political operative, Keith Rollman – who runs the despicable Atomic Monkey website – should be ashamed of themselves for aligning with and promoting such disrespectful and offensive commentary at a time when the election of our national leaders could not be more important.

The fictional piece does not represent Hawaii values.  Shame on them.” – Deputy Communications Director, Corrie Heck

Corrie Heck is the Deputy Communications Director for Linda Lingle Senate Committee


Editor’s note: Hawaii Reporter has published virtually every letter and commentary received over the last 10 years in order to ensure people with all viewpoints are allowed to comment on Hawaii politics, business, government, education and union activity. In terms of the comedy section, those submissions are clearly identified as such.