Richard Fale
Richard Fale

BY RICHARD FALE – It seems inevitable that negative campaigning creeps into every election.  I suppose our race is no different.   On Friday, an email was sent out by the Defend Oahu Coalition smearing our campaign, my views and my character.  It is really a shame that this group, instead of talking about their visions for our community and sharing what they are supportive of, chose to launch a last minute, dishonest attack on someone whom they deem an enemy.

I want to set the record straight on a few things:

  • I am not supportive of current plans to expand Turtle Bay Resort.   I recently met with members of Local 5 and expressed my concern about the current plans for expansion.  I shared many of their views and values when it came to improving economic opportunities in Hawaii.
  • Our campaign has used the slogan “Keep the Country for Country People,” as a reflection of the sentiments we have heard from so many in the community.  Many residents I spoke with felt isolated and excluded from the “Keep the Country Country” movement because of a perceived unwillingness by the organization to find common ground amongst the community.  I believe there is a need for economic opportunities in our community but that they must be balanced with preserving our environment and unique country lifestyle.  This belief is shared by many of our neighbors.
  • I served as a member and the chair of Koolauloa Neighborhood Board proudly and though meetings were at times tense, neither I nor the board members were ever censured.

As your representative, my priority is the best interest of our community.  I will always have an open-door policy with any individual or group who wants to share their concerns.  I want to work with the many organizations and interests within our community and help facilitate discussion and understanding amongst them.  I will work with anyone, whether they supported our campaign or voted for me or not, to ensure our community thrives.

This is my promise to you.  I hope you will keep this in mind as we head into Election Day on November 6th.  I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many of you and I hope to earn your vote and support and to become your State Representative.