by Carleen MacKay ::  Angelica Lewis :: Fabian Lewis :: Rob Kinslow

People asked us to specifically define the changes we are experiencing in our everyday world; changes they can readily understand; changes they can see or experience firsthand and, changes, of which they must be aware of today.

OK— specifically — Let’s look at just one industry where the news about change is all around you. Household names, such as Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Walmart, Sears, Penney, Aeropostale and Sports Authority, are laying off or, in the case of one or two, filing for protection under Chapter 11.

Now, is there any name on this list of retail giants, someone in your family doesn’t recognize, or recently shopped?

Don’t be fooled by misdirected statistics that measure different data and make things look different or better than they are… As you know, reality often is bent to suit the agenda of the media outlet. Here’s reality… 38,000 job cuts were announced in the retail sector – in just one year!cleanupaisle4sidebar

Before you point-out-the-obvious causes of change, we will agree that online shopping is having an impact on brick and mortar retailers. How and what we buy impacts retail numbers. Online is not going away, although, like everything else in life, it might shift from here-to-there.

Are you ready for more change in retail?

Have you heard about the running shoe business expanding? Seems shoes are being automatically printed to spec. While in the past, shoes could be manufactured – start to finish – in a few weeks, today, the same old, much slower, factory-based shoemaker will suffer the consequences. The human powered shoe retail market is taking the hit and the benefit. Want to know more about 3D printing impacts on jobs? You should because you are headed to a future where on-demand 3D manufacturing is around the corner—NOW.

Final question, in which industry or line of business are you? Have you paid attention to the impact of automation on YOUR business?

ARE YOU READY for Hypershift?

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