Wanna help keep our islands green and blue?

Come help cleanup and enjoy friends and raise funds for 808Cleanups.

Gather to dance, party, grind and help us cleanup what others carelessly throw away.

On Sunday, October 30 from 6-10 pm 808 Cleanups is hosting a Halloween Costume Party at the Honolulu Club. Ticket purchase includes: 1 drink ticket, lite pupus, parking, & admission. The fun starts and ends with raffle tickets for prize drawings. There will be music DJ, games, and a costume contest, to keep everyone interested and around for the prizes to be awarded to the lucky raffle ticket purchases.

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The fundraiser’s purpose is to support 808 Cleanups’ Adopt a Site program. A decentralized approach empowers volunteers to clean whenever and wherever they want to on their own schedule. At the Adopt a Site program’s most basic level, the core program provides the necessary tools and support for volunteers to take responsibility and maintain a local site—normally a park, hiking trail, beach, or coral reef. In addition to maintaining the location, these volunteers also serve as site ambassadors and education img_8810specialists to the people they meet at their site.

808 Cleanups is a 501(c)3 environmental nonprofit organization committed to restoring Hawaiʻi’s natural beauty by responding to littering or vandalism of Hawaiʻi’s natural spaces. Whether it’s through through education, building or supporting sustainable solutions with community partners, and empowering volunteers to conduct decentralized cleanups, helping preserve indigenous ecosystems is our business.

Businesses, market your product by donating to our raffle. Have a service you’d like to market?
Donate a gift certificate or prize for our raffle,

p: Fawn at (779) 429-2441
e: 808cleanups@gmail.com,
check out FB: Public Group on Facebook

Thank you for all you will be doing for our islands,
Fawn D. Liebengood
Assistant Director, 808 Cleanups




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After 22-y of self-funding social improvement projects, I can say that if the wealth holders in our society would spend 40-60% of their income on social improvement projects, these islands would be a much nicer place. Whether it is building community resilience, giving voice-to-the-voiceless, or making visible-the-invisible, my project teams envision, innovate, and demonstrate community improvements, through inspiration, education, lean action and community synergy, focused in the areas of conservation, agriculture, and energy innovation. For several years I served on the Umematsu and Yasu Watada Lectures on Peace, Social Justice and the Environment, bringing voices like Frances Moore Lappe, David Korten, Richard Heinberg, Helena Norberg Hodge and Dr. Steven Schneider to Honolulu. I've been a social philanthropist in the fabric of the islands, via for-benefit, for-profit and faith networks. Change agent, strategic sustainability advisor, and inspirational public speaker, I've spoken to audiences across Hawaii's business, government, and educational sectors. Mixing a friendly approach, a professional curiosity, and downbeat humor, in my presentations, shift happens. At HawaiiReporter.com, I write about science, climate change, spirituality, and systems, and how these scale to social improvement.