by Carleen MacKay ::  Angelica Lewis :: Fabian Lewis :: Rob Kinslow

They are the people who appreciate the value of creating multiple sources of income.

They know that the diversified work portfolio increases the probability of realizing financial success, improves their sense of control and boosts their feelings of security.femjuggler

Jugglers compare how they work to managing a stock portfolio. They combine what they know for slow, but steady income with higher paid options for long-term growth. Diversifying a portfolio between different industries, different market needs and, even, different countries increase the probability of financial return on their investment in themselves.

As time moves along, as it inevitably must, the balance of a portfolio is likely to shift as marketplace demands, life goals and interests change.

Who can juggle? People who appreciate the opportunity to gain from multiple income sources… can juggle. People who seek to shift their career emphasis as marketplace demands continue to change… can juggle. People who choose to deepen their reputations as subject-matter-experts… can juggle. People who seek to gain more work/life balance… can juggle. People who have held roles in any capacity that require specific competencies or skills that organization’s need… can juggle.

Organizations juggle just as people do. Purposeful portfolio workers are welcomed whether they are on the payroll or being paid as independent project workers. Qualified contingent contributors are predicted to command up to 40% of the 2020 workplace…We are betting on 50% by 2025!

 Who are the stars among portfolio jugglers? The “Stars” among the portfolio jugglers have learned how to move rapidly from project to project, balancing fire-1021224_1920multiple tasks, schedules and outcomes in richly designed portfolios. They are pursued for their reliability, commitment and follow-through long before their latest project deadline has been met. Heady stuff for the immensely talented, and the more prepared they are to meet emergent market-driven demands, the busier they will be.

Do you want to explore this exciting way of working? It takes far more than a resume and a cover letter to learn to manage this career choice.


Our experts are here to guide you into the complex world of 21st century work.

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