by Carleen MacKay ::  Angelica Lewis :: Fabian Lewis :: Rob Kinslow

Meet Robbie, Friend or Foe?Robot

Will Robbie the robot enhance or steal your career?

Is s/he/it a terminator or a transformer?

Both, as it turns out!

Robbie, the Terminator:

Already replaced, or at high short-term risk of replacement, are certain manufacturing workers, such as in the auto industry; warehouse and agricultural workers; fast-food workers and other labor intensive and early entry positions; dangerous and repetitive work; delivery services in hotels and robot bartenders on cruise ships.worldbankgroupinfographicjobsautomationreplacement

“By 2018, around 1.3 million industrial robots will be entering service in factories around the world”
according to the International Federation of Robotics (

What’s the bottom line for Robbie, the Terminator? Work that is unsafe, work that is not economically sustainable in high-wage economies, work that can improve competitive viability in a global market…are vulnerable to the Robbie Terminators.

Lesson: Look at your career. Consistently track global changes, such as examples that can be found in China for they are automating as fast as they can to further improve their competitive edge. What happens there; happens here; happens everywhere.

Robbie, the Transformer:

In the long run, Robbie is more likely to transform rather than terminate careers. For this to happen, we must make a strong investment in targeted, lifelong learning and development.

And, yes, we mean from very early childhood through late adulthood.
And, yes, we mean by organizations.
And, in particular, by individuals themselves.

After all, it’s your career… OWN IT!

Lesson: Learn. Start by reading “Rise of the Robots” our favorite best-seller and intriguing reading experience, by Martin Ford. And, if you have teenagers in your family, inspire them and encourage them to read “Playbook for Teens.” If you look closely, you will recognize the co-author as one of your workforce wingmen – yes, it’s Carleen MacKayPlaybook4TeensRiseofRobotsBook

Robots and other technologies are changing the mix of jobs/work as well as the knowledge required for these new opportunities.

Focus on the good results they bring as they will help you to live and work healthier, better and longer in this age of hyper-shift.

Get ready or not; the robots are here!

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