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Senator Schatz: Committee Assignments “Strategically Excellent”

Brian Schatz

Washington, D.C. - United States Senator Brian Schatz today called the committee assignments he’s received “strategically excellent” for Hawai`i.

Schatz has been named as a member of the U.S. Senate Committees on Energy and Natural Resources, Indian Affairs and Commerce.

“I could not have asked for better assignments for the needs and future of our State,” said Schatz about the three committees.

“The Commerce Committee is very important because of its breadth --- covering infrastructure like rail and roads as well as the oceans.  As we work our way through economic recovery and create the right kind of future for our State and Country, this is a pivotal committee.   I’m really looking forward to serving on it,” stated Schatz.  Senator Schatz was the only freshman Senator to be named to the influential and powerful committee.

“Energy is a continuation of the work I have been doing in clean energy and transition fuels.  I see this as a two-way opportunity where I can help direct financial resources to Hawai`i.  And, as Hawai`i continues as a test bed for clean energy, focus the eyes of Congress and the country to what we are doing here.  Ultimately we want to direct interest here and spur international technology development in the islands,” the Senator stated.

“Indian Affairs is as an assignment I wanted because of its importance to Native Hawaiians and all the people of Hawai`i.  There is a lot of work ahead to attain what is right for Native Hawaiians with respect to federal recognition, and I will do my utmost to build from the groundwork that has already been laid by Senator Akaka and Senator Inouye,” stated the Senator.

Senator Schatz added that he has not yet received subcommittee assignments and will work to serve on those that are most relevant for Hawai`i.

“It may be cold in Washington, but I have received a warm welcome from Senate leadership and these assignments are evidence of a high level of cooperation that will benefit our State,” he concluded.

Submitted by U.S. Senator Brian Schatz's office

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7 Comments for “Senator Schatz: Committee Assignments “Strategically Excellent””

  1. Trinidad A. Williams

    Official musical chair scenario not complete ~ with Senator Akaka's retirement, Hawaii's Jr. Senator will become the Sr. Senator from Hawaii, the shifting to completely occur in a span of a few weeks!

    Per Senator Schatz report ~ Committee Assignments “Strategically Excellent”! I am hoping he has a good-perceptive overview of the Kanaka Ma'oli views and perception of the Akaka Bill, which highly displease the relevant community, so "to build from the groundwork that has already been laid by Senator Akaka and Senator Inouye" will entail revisiting-clarifying the Akaka Bill language before carrying on, entrenching presented perspectives in the bill ... should he truly keep the Kanaka's present situation in mind, of his constituents well-being.

  2. “Indian Affairs is as an assignment I wanted because of its importance to Native Hawaiians and all the people of Hawai`i. He being of jewish descent should know all to well the implications of race based programs, i pray he strike the measure down for it serves no one.

  3. His "first assignment" to help preserve the history and culture of the Islands...is to "STOP" ...all destruction of ancient/old Hawaiian graves, burials, etc by large private companies, the State DLNR, U.S. Military contractors. et all.

  4. well I'm glad everything seems to be so good....but there is always room for improvement. Don't start to slack off!

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