Hawaii Supreme Court
Hawaii Supreme Court (Photo: Emily Metcalf)
Hawaii Supreme Court
Hawaii Supreme Court - Photo: Emily Metcalf

Peter C. Hsieh, a Senior Securities Enforcement Attorney with the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Security Branch, was sanctioned last year by the Hawaii Supreme Court before he was hired recently to head up that division of the agency. (See the Public_Order_of_Discipline_Peter_C_Hsieh)

On July 28 of last year, the disciplinary board conducted a hearing and found as Attorney and Owner at the Law Office of Peter C. Hsieh, “he committed multiple violations of the Hawaii Rules of Professional Conduct.”

Specifically, the Office of Disciplinary Counsel said Hsieh took money his client trust account in six matters before he earned them; he took fees for nine matters when his clients did not have funds in the account; he did not reconcile his ledgers in 2006; and did not list his client trust balances which agreed with the reconciled client trust account bank balances for each quarter of 2006.

The Hawaii Supreme Court sanctioned him on October 27, 2011, with a public reprimand and ordered him to pay all fees.

Hsieh has had other legal troubles.

According to state records, Pacific Reporting Services sued him for $17,736.83 and that case was settled for an undisclosed amount on June 16, 2010.

An enforcement action filed by Lipsey & Associates on his law office on November 5, 2007 also was settled for an undisclosed sum.

On August 8, 2006, First Hawaiian Bank sued him for money owed, but that case was dismissed without prejudice.

After suing for divorce from his wife on November 16, 1998 – a case that continued until the year 2000 – he had a dispute over child support some years later in 2009.

Hsieh did not respond to an email today from Hawaii Reporter for comment, but Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Director Keali’i Lopez, who is Hsieh’s boss, said he was upfront about the reprimand against him during the hiring process at DCCA and “gave a detailed and reasonable explanation about the facts surrounding that case.”

“Given those details and Peter’s depth of experience, we felt the people of Hawaii would benefit from his addition to our team,” Lopez said.

Hsieh, who has served as a litigation attorney for 30 years, began working at the DCCA on February 13, 2012. His duties include overseeing a team of four attorneys and seven investigators on securities cases in a branch that is “heavily involved in litigation cases.”

Lopez added: “Peter has been with DCCA for a short time, but has demonstrated his willingness to serve the public and make the most of this opportunity.”

The DCCA has 13 Sections, with major services including registration and licensing; examination for financial health and soundness,Complaint processing and Consumer protection and education.

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