REPORT FROM THE KAUAI COUNTY PROSECUTING ATTORNEY – Jayson M. Toki, age 40, pled no contest Monday to five counts of failing to comply with sex offender registration requirements. Toki was convicted in 1998 of third degree sexual assault.

Toki pled no contest to three counts of failing to provide police with information required under the sex offender registration law, and two counts of failing to notify the state of changes in his registration information. Each count is a class C felony and carries a penalty of up to five years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

In 2011, a joint program of the Office of the Prosecutor, the Kaua‘i Police Department, and the state attorney general’s office was formed to increase compliance and to investigate and prosecute registered sex offenders who fail to comply with registration requirements.

“Our sex offender registry laws are designed to help law enforcement stay informed of the whereabouts of dangerous sexual predators in our community,” said Kaua‘i Prosecuting Attorney Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho. “When these offenders defy the law by failing to comply with the safeguards, we make it one of our highest priorities to hold them accountable.”

Toki has three prior convictions of harassment, two prior convictions of harassment by stalking, and one conviction each of abuse of family or household members, violating a restraining order, sexual assault, driving without a license, shoplifting, criminal trespass, and theft.

Toki faces sentencing on January 2, 2013.