Solomon Singer: Candidate State House District 4 (Puna)


Responses for the Hawaii Reporter – Legislative Candidate Questions

Solomon Singer, Candidate State House District 4 (Puna)

Current Job: Licensed electronics/avionics technician, horse trainer/riding instructor/farrier

Residence: I have lived in Puna 17 years

Background/Qualifications: When you vote for me you get much more than just a bright, eager, honest, open-minded 18-year old horse trainer, airplane pilot, sustainability expert, inventor, beekeeper, ham radio operator, and alternative energy wiz. You also get my parents who advise me and who home-schooled me on our self-sufficient farm and nature preserve here in Puna. What I lack in experience and knowledge my mom and dad make up for. You also get my friends, young and old, who know about organic farming, making biofuel, constructing boats, Hawaiian culture, and just about all there is to know about life in Paradise. And you also get YOU, for I will hear your voice and seek your input. So a vote for me is really a vote for you.

Other offices before: None

Biggest Issues/Solutions: The biggest problem in Puna is the feeling of resentment, alienation, and frustration with the government. Our elected officials serve party and corporate interests, and ignore or silence the people. We have bad roads, inadequate basic services, not enough public transportation, high cost of living, government corruption and incompetence, unemployment, despair, domestic violence, school dropouts, high drug rates, crime, and more despair. Puna could be the best place in the world, but we have developed a psychology of failure and disempowerment. People need to become part of the
solution. We need open, transparent government, an end to corruption, and politicians we can believe in again. We need to clean house and clean the slate, and elect faithful public servants that know their job is to serve, not to dictate.

Budget Philosophy: I believe in increasing government efficiency, and letting the free market reign. Instead of raising taxes and fees or cutting services I would look for ways to encourage privatization of services to allow free market solutions.

Solomon Singer on the Trail with his horse Koa

Taxes and Fees: Tax increases are unacceptable. Fix the budget problem where it starts, ending government inefficiency, waste and corruption.
The private sector needs to be strengthened, with increased privatization of many current government services. Hawaii’s taxes
should be lowered. I also support boosting the economy by the legalization and taxation of marijuana, which could also improve
tourism. I would sign a pledge to not raise taxes.

Rail: The rest of the State is not benefiting from the rail and should not be burdened with financial responsibility for its completion.

Gambling: It’s a toss-up! Odds are it can generate revenue, but there’s also a chance it will create cultural stress. I am still undecided.

Public Education: I was home-schooled, and would encourage more parents to give their children the kind of tailor-made education I received. I also support charter schools which offer a more unique and cutting edge education than the public schools. I would encourage more vocational training be offered to students, and a curriculum that is appropriate for reality here in Hawaii. I support elected school boards and keeping control local.

Economic Growth: We must grow in sustainability and energy renewability. We should become a model for the world on how to be
self-sufficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. We need to develop industries that ulitize our valuable, wild, natural resources.

Oahu Crime: More police are needed and a stronger crackdown on dangerous drugs and underage alcohol consumption. We need community
support and education to help young people say no to drugs.

Gun Laws: I support concealed carry and more freedom for law abiding firearm owners. It’s all about our Constitutional Rights, and our
right to self-defense.

Homelessness Solution: The State or an NGO can start a “Host the Homeless” program. People with spare rooms or ohanas can open their
homes and hearts to people and families in need who will work in exchange for having a place to live. Work exchange works.

Micronesia Compact: The Federal government should be supporting the Micronesians, not the State of Hawaii.

Akaka Bill: I am undecided on this bill, and believe it may divide Hawaii and cause problems.

Jones Act: Exempt Hawaii from the Jones Act. This restricts our economy and that is not something we can afford at this time.

Additional Comments: At 18 years of age, I am the youngest candidate in the country, and the only one running in the race with his horse!
If elected, I will be the youngest representative in Hawaii’s history.

I have written this poem that I would like to share with Hawaii Reporter readers.

September 18th is very near
And when you vote I hope it’s clear
That I’m the best can-di-date.
All the rest are second-rate.

I’m running as Non-Partisan, you know,
To try and break through the status quo.
I’ll be representing Puna, the Peoples’ Voice,
Which means I’m not the Party or corporate choice .

The government has run amuck,
And everyone knows politicians suck.
They are looking out for number one and two,
And neither of them are me or you.

I believe your House Representative should be
Smart, honest, and corruption-free.
So please join me in my quest
To bring Puna the very best.


Phone: 808-443-4750
Mail: P.O. Box 1880, Pahoa, Hawaii 96778