Hawaii State Senate District 10 candidate Eric Marshall is making a pledge to have votes in his district count for more than just a political office but will allow voters to directly impact the life of a child in need of a “Forever Family”.  If elected he pledges to use the income from the legislative salary of $46,272.48 to fund he and his wife’s challenging efforts to adopt a child.

With the election just days away many voters might be tired and become apathetic toward the election process especially in the light of the negative and rancorous campaigning that has taken place this election cycle. Often, a personal and more positive side to the elections are often missed by the media and thus missed by the voters as well.

Eric is fully aware of the fact that many might see this as a political ploy just to get elected but Marshall’s response is “that if just one child can get adopted through the media attention than I believe many people here in Hawaii would agree that my humble efforts would be well worth the political ridicule.”   He prays that the attention garnered would not only help provide awareness and encouragement to the hundreds of couples in Hawaii with their untold stories of struggling to start a family but would also shine a light on the hidden plight of hundreds of orphans and foster children seeking to be place in loving homes.

His family’s personal story can be found on his Web site at www.eric4senate.com. He also invites others to post their personal stories on the Blog section of his website for other to share as they feel comfortable.

If elected he will continue to vow to stand up for Family issues and would look towards changing state laws that would ease regulatory and financial burdens for those looking to adopt and foster children in need. If not elected he would still pursue an adoption just through more difficult means.

His campaign notes that he is not looking to draw in any donations for the political campaign but would ask that those so moved would consider making donations to HOPE Inc. a non-profit adoption agency to assist in the work of placing children in “Forever Families.” There is no current agreement or commitment between Marshall and the organization is established at this time.

Marshall is running against current incumbent State Senator Les Ihara Jr. to represent residents in Kaimuki, Kapahulu, Palolo, St. Louis Heights, Maunalani Heights, Moili’ili and the Mahiai street area.

Submitted by Eric Marshall for Senate