This week’s Business in Hawaii Show focused on solving the Teacher and Healthcare Workers shortage in Hawaii.  A very simple solution exists that is immediately available and could help solve the shortage problem.  Active duty military and their spouses are highly trained, experienced and ready to start.  All we need to do is match the supply with the demand.  Not a total solution but a this would go a long way to solving the need for teachers and healthcare workers.  

 Additionally, there are many other trained individuals ready, willing and able to get started.  These individuals have lived in Hawaii, are comfortable living here and want to stay.  This is a low risk, low-cost alternative to moving someone recently hired from the mainland to see if they “like it”.  The children of those deciding to stay would also attend our schools, colleges and universities and bring additional dollars into the system.  Not to mention the tax dollars generated from the families who decide to stay.

 Overall a win-won for everyone and a great way to support our veterans!



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