ThinkTech – What is PAU & How Can it Save My Business Money??


Aloha!! And Happy New Year!!

This week’s episode of Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker discusses the PEO market in Hawaii and how it continues to evolve.

Hawaii’s PEO market for the last few years have been dominated by the big three – Altres, HiHR and ProService. With ProService’s acquisition of HiHR there was only two dominant players left. For those looking for an option other that the “Dominant Ones”, there is PAU or Pacific Advantage Unlimited.

PAU has formed some very interesting affiliations and the synergies of these relationships will be impressive. During 2017 PAU and their affiliates will be rolling out new products, services and pricing. A third very competitive option will soon be available. PAU will be a firm to watch during 2017!

See video below to find out more about PAU and the very talented staff they have to help your business save some big bucks!

Thank you and everyone please have a great 2017!! It is already looking good!