The University of Hawaii Board of Regents has scheduled a discussion of President M.R.C. Greenwood’s employment contract at the board’s meeting next week.

M.R.C. Greenwood

Management of the university under Greenwood’s tenure was the center of discussion at a pair of state Senate Committee meetings last week and this week.

One faculty member, Professor Noel Kent, has asked the UH Faculty Senate for a “no confidence” vote on Greenwood later this month.

The agenda for next Friday’s Regents’ meeting has only one item scheduled:

“Discussion of Appointment Agreement of M.R.C. Greenwood.”

The discussion will be held behind closed doors in executive session, according to the agenda.

The senate hearings were held by a special committee formed after the University lost $200,000 because of a cancelled August fundraising concert by entertainer Stevie Wonder.

Greenwood has said the money was lost to fraud.

University officials removed Athletic Director Jim Donovan because of the cancelled concert, now known as the “Wonder Blunder,” but later restored him to another $200,000-per-year job after he threatened a defamation lawsuit.

Greenwood’s employment contract is good until 2015. She is paid $425,000 per year, plus a $5,000-per-month housing allowance.