Volcanic Activity Excels at Hawaii Island’s Halema’uma’u Crater

Inside of Halema'uma'u crater
Inside of Halema'uma'u crater

There was a boost in volcanic activity at Kilauea on the Big Island of Hawaii this week, according to a USGA report.

“Following several collapses and small explosive events that deposited spatter on the floor of Halema’uma’u crater around noon, the lava surface in Halema’uma’u was roiling and agitated for the remainder of the afternoon, with numerous points of upwelling and spattering,” the report said.

The report, which also included photos, also noted “A channelized flow was being erupted today from the vent on the west side of the floor of Pu’u ‘O ‘o.”

More photos can be found at USGS.









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