Rep. Kymberly Pine
Rep. Kymberly Pine

BY REP. KYMBERLY PINE – I entered this race for Honolulu City Council because I want the good people of the Leeward Coast to get the effective representation they deserve at the City Council.

This means offering real, innovative solutions to high unemployment, traffic congestion, homelessness, neglected beaches and parks and the many other serious issues our Leeward communities face. These issues are too important to be ignored.

That’s why I am so disappointed that my opponent, Tom Berg, is focusing his energy on distracting voters from the real issues with false negative attacks about my record.

He is denying Leeward residents the opportunity to fairly assess our differences and the contrasting approaches we each would bring to the City Council.

Berg made the completely false claim that I haven’t accomplished anything as State Representative. Click here to see the 119 legislative measures I introduced that became law.

Berg made the completely false claim that I do not show up to vote. Click here to see my perfect attendance this session in the House of Representatives.

It’s clear that his attempt to mislead voters about my record is part of his desperate strategy to distract from his own:

Tom Berg cannot be trusted to tell the truth as a candidate or as your City Councilman. The people of the Leeward Coast deserve better.