beautiful-1255357_1920The ability to receive (and give) unconditional love is one of the great blessings of life. And yet, our attempts to find a source of love that isn’t dependent on outer circumstances often prove fruitless.

That’s why I’m excited about world-renowned psychologist Margaret Paul’s proven method for fully loving ourselves (and by extension, others!).

And I want to invite you to listen to her replay for 6 Secrets to Fully Loving Yourself: How to Find Your True Self-worth, Heal Spiritually & Live in Joy.  

PowerToHealYourself_intro_skyscraperSpiritual teachers may call unconditional self-love your “divine birthright” and offer platitudes such as “love is all there is.” Psychologists talk about loving yourself as the hallmark of healthy adulthood. But the truth is that it is often quite hard to feel this kind of love on a consistent basis.  

During this special session with Margaret Paul, co-founder of the Inner Bonding method, you’ll discover practices for cultivating  lasting self-love — one of THE keys to overcoming addictions, dramas and dysfunctional relationships…

You’ll receive:

  • Get a whole new understanding of the causes of depression and anxiety
  • Discover how to use self-love, instead of food or other inadequate substitutes, to fill emptiness
  • Approach new relationships from a stance of fullness rather than neediness
  • Make advances in healing core shame
  • Move out of stagnation into a life of aliveness, passion and purpose
  • Understand how to share love rather than seek love

Join us for this illuminating and practical hour-long virtual event!

Everyone who registers for 6 Secrets to Fully Loving Yourself: How to Find Your True Self-worth, Heal Spiritually & Live in Joywill also receive the audio recording afterward. Please don’t miss this rare event with renowned psychologist Margaret Paul.

Listen to the replay here



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