On to the Future

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There’s no way to sugar-coat a loss. Last night we lost an election, and I called Charles Djou to congratulate him and offer my assistance as he undertakes his new responsibilities on Capitol Hill for the next seven months.

But we didn’t lose the war. 61% of us voted for a different philosophy of government than offered by Charles, and 69% against the machine status quo of Colleen Hanabusa. That we weren’t able to achieve all this last night takes nothing away from our continued need for change that will work for us all.


The coming days will see all of this discussed at great length. And, of course, we will turn from yesterday to the future, to what remains to be accomplished together.

For now, I want to say to you, especially our loyal and hard-working supporters, how deeply grateful I am for all you did in this hard-fought campaign. Audrey and I were so moved by your incredibly generous kokua, from contributions beyond what you could afford, to the hours and hours of signwaving, canvassing, phonebanking and other selfless efforts for Case for Congress. With the only truly grassroots campaign in this election, our ‘ohana more than held our own against the double-barrelled attacks of our opponents. I am fiercely proud, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Today I actually did go bodysurfing at Point Panic, get a start on cleaning up my mess of a yard, and spend time with my family. But tomorrow is a new day, the start of our next chapters together, and I’m excited to begin anew. I welcome your own thoughts, and eagerly look forward to continuing our work together.

Ed Case is a Hawaii congressman (2002-2007) and a candidate for House Congressional District 1 in 2010