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BY FRANK SALVATO – Five years ago when my organization BasicsProject.org partnered in producing the first national symposium series on the threat of radical Islam, the issue was not in the mainstream. In fact, our publication, NewMediaJournal.us was banned from Google News for what they called “hate speech,” simply because several of our writers dared to broach the subject of jihad and the violent tenets of Islamist fundamentalism. To be sure, we have come a very long way from those days. Today, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity both talk regularly about the issue with Mr. O’Reilly calling it “the Muslim problem.” This is a good thing, but it isn’t nearly enough.


As President Obama does everything in his power, using every resource and every propaganda ploy to diminish the “Muslim problem” that exists, not only in the United States, but around the world, the truth remains, fundamentalist Islam is a problem that is growing, not diminishing. Many on the Left and in the Progressive camp insist that the number of people within the Islamic religion who practice fundamentalist Islam – radical Islam; those who, when asked, champion the violent element within their religion, are but a scant ten percent. But when we put that percentage in realistic terms, realizing that nearly one-fourth of the world’s population is Muslim (1.57 billion adherents) and that the number of those following the Islamic religion grows by 1.84% annually, we can divine that ten percent of the Muslim population – those who subscribe to fundamentalist Islam and violent jihad – amounts to 157,000,000 people and growing. That number, to equate it to something tangible, is over one-third of the population of the United States of America.

This, regardless of how you feel about the majority of Muslims in the world, should scare you to know end: a number of people equal to one-third of the population of the United States of America believes that Islam should be the preeminent religion in the world, dominant over all other religions and that the oppressive and brutal Sharia law should reign supreme, even over the Constitution of the United States, on our shores.

I have been pointing these facts out for years, warning of a fundamentalist Islamist invasion of the European Continent and of “creeping Sharia” in the United States, only to be called a “hate-monger,” “a bigot” and “a racist”…and those are the printable descriptions. Today, as we watch events around the world with regard to the advance of Islam, I stand vindicated in my assessment, yet I take no solace in being correct.

A recent poll by Le Monde, the dominant newspaper in France, as reported by The London Daily Mail, revealed that “Islam is considered a ‘threat’ by millions of French and Germans to their national identity.” It ran the results under “a headline which brands efforts to get different religious communities to live side by side as a ‘failure.’”

According to the poll, 68 percent of the French and 75 percent of Germans believe Muslims are “not well integrated into society.” German chancellor Angela Merkel went as far as to say that the notion of “multiculturalism” in German society – given the issue of non-assimilation by foreigners – had “utterly failed.” Germany has one of the largest Muslim immigrant populations in Europe at 4.3 million. The Muslim immigrant population in France is 7 million and the British come in at 2.4 million. Experts say that almost 85% of the population growth in Europe, as a whole, was due to Muslim immigration and that the Muslim population alone will double by 2020.

The poll goes on to say that:

“…55 percent in France and 49 percent in Germany believe the ‘influence and visibility of Islam’ is ‘too large’, while 60 percent in both countries say the reason for the problem is Muslims’ own ‘refusal’ to integrate…Just as crucially, 42 percent of French and 40 percent of Germans consider the presence of Islamic communities ‘a threat’ to their national identities.

“An editorial in Le Monde adds: ‘As Islam becomes a permanent and increasingly conspicuous fixture of European societies, public opinion is clearly tensing up…’”

Again, given that experts have said that the percentage of the world’s Muslim population that follow fundamentalist Islam, which signs-on to the concept of the establishment of Sharia law and violent jihad, is ten percent, it is easy to see why the Germans and the French – and for that matter the whole of Europe – is ill-at-ease with the current situation. In Germany, France and Britain alone, using the experts’ ten percent figure, 1.7 million Muslims subscribe to fundamentalist Islam and the establishment of Sharia law.

To this point we have discussed the threats posed by fundamentalist Islam – violent jihadist Islam – as they pertain to a growing population, the lack of acceptable assimilation into the host country’s cultures and population growth by procreation. But there is another more disturbing trend emerging around the world: the violent extinguishment of other religions where fundamentalist Islam exists.

With each passing day we read a growing number of news items that describe how fundamentalist Islamists are attacking Christians and Jews, burning their houses of worship or otherwise violently attacking not only the places where they worship, but the non-Muslim worshipers themselves.

▪ In Somalia, a location that both Osama bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri directed Islamist jihadists in order to “regroup” after their ouster in Iraq by superior US and Coalition forces, a mother of four had her throat slit in front of her children by the radical Islamist group al Shabaab for having converted to Christianity.

Christmas Eve bombings in Jos, Nigeria, perpetuated at the hands of radical Islamists and targeting Christian churches on one of Christianities most holy of days, killed 31 people and injured scores more. The governor’s office in Jos had received letters purported to be from some Muslim organizations threatening attacks against Christians. The violence in Nigeria between Islamists and Christians has been in existence for decades.

▪ In Spain, the Hudson Institute reports that an initiative to build more mosques is coming into full swing, with the inclusion of a behemoth mega-mosque in Barcelona. The construction of new mosques comes at a time when municipalities linked to the Socialist Party have closed dozens of Christian churches across the nation.

▪ In Egypt, angry Copt Christians accosted the car carrying Egypt’s top Muslim religious leaders in protest of the bombing of the All Saints Coptic Church in Alexandria on News Year’s Day, a bombing executed by radical Islamists. The blast killed 21 Coptic Christians.

▪ In the Philippines, al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyef Islamists bombed a Christian chapel on Christmas day injuring the priest and ten others.

▪ And United Nations Human Rights official, Navi Pillay, said attacks on religious minorities in places like Egypt, Nigeria and Pakistan should serve as a wake-up call to authorities everywhere to combat rising fanaticism. Given that these locations are predominantly Muslim, the minority religions would be based in Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism, to name the more popular religions practiced in those regions.

The story is increasingly the same, from Pakistan and Afghanistan to the countries that formed the former Soviet Union, from Europe to Africa and the South Pacific, radical and violent Islamists are waging what can only be described as a “holy war” in a quest to expunge all other religions from their spheres of dominance…and this push is expanding day by day by day.

The inane Progressive tenet of political correctness has advanced the false notion that Islam is a religion of peace. Even former President George W. Bush made the mistake of allowing his influence to be co-opted by this fallacy. Truth be told, whether by immigration, procreation of violent jihad, fundamentalist Islam is advancing by whatever means works in any given location. If we are foolish enough to look the other way when the evidence to this fact is so incredibly overwhelming, we will soon be watching as the US Constitution gives way to Sharia law.

Free men and women everywhere, we are witnessing the third great Islamist quest for world dominance. We are in the midst of a holy war waged by fundamentalist Islamists against all other religions and their adherents. If we do not dispense with the lunacy of political correctness in an effort to be honest about our “Muslim problem,” it will most certainly be too late.

Time my fellow lovers of freedom, is running out.





  1. "Good grief, what has happened to the once fierce Danes, Gauls, and Spanish knights that drove out the muslim invaders of Europe in the twelfth century? Have they all been caponized by political correctness?"

    The Scandinavians traded in their once proud roots and traditions for leftist tripe sold by leftist snake oil salesman. It has been going on since Karl Marx wrote his manifesto.

  2. No one have a right to go against one's religion, and also that's also not the right thing if you are a man, being having a humanity you have to respect others religion so you be safe.

    • Send your comments to US mosques dumbo, they need your message more. Proof? Go to this link.
      "Two men drove up to the Curtis Culwell Center in the Dallas suburb of Garland as the contest was scheduled to end and began shooting at a security officer, the City of Garland said in a statement. Garland police officers returned fire, killing the men." https://khon2.com/2015/05/03/2-gunmen-killed-outsi
      They had bad aim too.

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