Acknowledging the 60th Anniversary of End of World War II-We Will Forever Heed the Lessons of WW II

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On the USS Missouri, six decades ago, the greatest conflagration our world has ever known and, pray God, will ever know, came to a merciful end.

As we stand here today on the ship, now docked in Hawaii, we feel acutely, and with the living, breathing spirit of history around us, that range of emotions coming to us through these lengthening years: the depth of treachery by some to the human spirit; the magnitude of suffering; the breadth of bravery and sacrifice; the exhilaration of triumph and victory; the sorrow of loss; and the faith and abiding promise of democracy and freedom


I so regret that I cannot be with you personally for this moment, but I am with our troops in still another war on the other side of our world. Currently I am co-leading a delegation of five U.S. House of Representatives members to the Middle East. The delegation is visiting Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Hawaii troops deployed in the region.

But please know that I am with you in spirit as we pause to remember all of this and to recommit ourselves that we shall forever heed the lessons of World War II.

”’Ed Case, D-Hawaii, is the U.S. Congressman representing the Second District.”’

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