Admissions Day a Tragedy, Not Something to Be Celebrated-Save Your Blind Patriotism for Someone Else Who Wants to Hear It

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Your venom in your piece on the importance of celebrating statehood — “Happy Birthday, Hawaii – Some of Us Still Remember” sounds typical U.S. WASP American.

Obviously you are suffering from the Stocholm Syndrome or you may be truly an ultracrepidarian critic and too young to remember some facts. What you probably learned in school is the U.S. revised history of which you are a victim of assimilation. It would help if you researched thoroughly the documented truths rather than rely on the sales and marketing political agenda.


It appears you have the U.S. Akaka-Stevens/Danner Bill confused with
the struggle for Hawaii’s independence which is under the continuous
U.S. belligerent occupation. Your youth may belie the reason for not
knowing Hawaii’s real history. You never had to live through some
of those times as we have in the past.

What you neglect to mention was the massive political campaign to
push statehood in all medias and in schools. Many Hawaiians were
barred from voting; military and their families were allowed to
vote; and only about 37 percent of the registered voters participated in the vote.

There were many objections except U.S. Americans were all for it. The campaign was taxation without representation and the fact that we
were second-class citizens. We questioned the irregularity of the
choices, but were suppressed. Only two choices were given: to
remain a territory with no say as to what happens in Hawaii, or to
become a state and be first-class citizens with representation in

Each year, the U.S. would have had to report the status within the
islands. The UN was creating the NGO the following year and the U.S.
knew about it. Hawaii would have been placed under it and with the
guidelines would be able to choose independence, free association,
or integration. The U.S. could not leave those choices up to the
Hawaii Nationals since we were strategically situated for U.S.
dominance in the Pacific. According to the U.S., Hawaii was an
expendable outpost for the contiguous 48 states. For no other
reason, that’s why the US wanted Hawaii.

Only U.S. Americans, mostly whites, were the ones pushing for it. The Asians wanted to be part of it especially since there had been a ban on Chinese from immigrating to the U.S. Most of the Japanese wanted to be equal to the whites and competed to control the politics and economy of the islands to raise themselves out of the plantation.
They all knew this was their last chance to improve their station in
life and gain admittance into the USA.

There is much that you don’t realize about the Hawaii Kingdom or you
wouldn’t be making such slurs. Let me clear up a misunderstanding
for you. Hawaiians, even back then when the occupation took place,
did not hate U.S. Americans. They disliked the U.S. government for its part in the occupation and those that were evil-minded.

Racism is a U.S. WASP society mentality; not Hawaiian. I guess you
don’t know what really went on during the Massie case. The U.S.
military is not the cream of the crop of U.S. Americans neither are
they the ideal U.S. Ambassadors. They usually came from the poor
district, not too bright, lived in a racist community,
disrespectful, and thought they were better than civilians and
people from other countries.

It is evident you are not Hawaiian, for you wouldn’t think the way
you do. Other nationalities that have come here brought their own
hang ups about U.S. Americans and fought with them or anyone that
looked white. Granted a few Hawaiians joined in since those were
their friends and had also come up against the U.S. American racist
ways. I’ve witnessed many times racism here in Hawaii and usually
when the tourist leaves the bus, they speak in their own language
then I know they were not Hawaiians. I’ve experienced racism by
some of the whites here, even till today. Some just haven’t rid
themselves of it since the attitude stems from the US Manifest
Destiny mentality.

How dare you equate what we are fighting for as racist. You must be
suffering from synesthesia and oneirataxia by they way you spout
your venom.

Your ignorance of the Hawaiian Kingdom is evident. The laws are in
concert with most democratic countries in the world, including the
U.S. What makes us different is that our constitution outlawed
slavery and slaves automatically were free once they arrived within
our territory; unlike the U.S. who had slaves as property. I guess
they didn’t teach you that a constitutional monarchy is a form of
democracy; in fact, we elected to kings to the throne just as U.S.
elects their president. We are patented after the UK and other
monarchies in the world who have a constitutional government.
Everyone has the freedom to choose what government they wish to live
under; thus the choice is yours to make.

We abhor the Akaka Bill as it is a U.S. American box which promotes
the hoax and the myth. You have us mixed up with the wrong people.
Those political snollygosters are just trying to help the U.S.
obfuscate the facts and truth of our status by forcing this U.S. box
on us. Remember, we were barred from giving testimony in
Washington. Like the Kue Petitions, we are being ignored.

You errantly claim we hate U.S. America; but the USA is doing it on
its own without our help. We are upset that the U.S. ignores us and
fails to do the right thing. Even with the invasion, the Hawaiians
never hated U.S. Americans, many are wonderful people; it’s just that
we love our country just as much as you U.S. Americans love yours.

The founding fathers of your country were WASP racists and is
reflected in their constitution. They believed in Manifest Destiny,
expansionism, and imperialism. Go look it up, it’s there. If you
love the U.S. so much, then that’s where you should be. It’s across
the ocean over 2,000 miles away, or didn’t they teach you that in
school? None of my ancestors came through Ellis Island as yours
have; and neither did they beg to be allowed into the U.S. like yours
did. So, save your blind patriotism for someone else that wants to
hear it. The pep rally is so high-schoolish. I hope I have made
myself perfectly clear.

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