Adopt-A-School Day Kick-off Rally

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    The Adopt-A-School Day Kick-off Rally on Sat., August 28, at the Ala Moana Center Stage, beginning at 12 p.m., will feature local entertainers and leaders in support of a statewide project aimed at helping Hawaii’s schools.

    The rally will include the delivery of a State Proclamation by Lt. Governor James “Duke” Aiona, declaring 10/10/10 officially as ‘Hawaii Adopt-A-School Day’. The gathering will also hear remarks from the Senate Education & Housing Chair Senator Norman Sakamoto.


    The rally also will feature local entertainers Jordan Segundo and the 9-year old Hawaii girl who stunned the ‘America’s Got Talent’ audience, Ciana Pelekai!

    In addition, the great local businesses, groups and organizations that have stepped forward to adopt schools and help our communities will be recognized for their generosity and aloha spirit.

    The kick-off rally is the time for Adopt-A-School Day participants, friends and family to come together and celebrate not only the work to be done on Adopt-A-School Day (10/10/10), but also the reason for it – our keiki and our future.

    What is School Adoption All About?

    On Adopt-A-School Day, Sunday, October 10th, the Hawaii Jaycees and participating groups will go out to their respective adopted schools and put in a day’s work to serve the needs of that institution. School adoption takes many forms and has included such great work as:

    – Career Counseling & Workshops

    – Planting of flowers & trees and other landscaping projects

    – Delivery of school supplies collected

    – Long overdue painting of school buildings, playgrounds and parking lots

    The Hawaii Jaycees have set a goal of getting 100 Hawaii schools adopted across the state for this year’s Adopt-A-School Day.

    Learn more about Adopt-A-School Day on our website, or Contact Patrick Tomiyasu at (808) 733-5377. Email for more information.