Adrienne King: A Big Mahalo

Adrienne and Sam King
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Adrienne and Sam King

BY ADRIENNE KING — I would like to thank everyone for all your love and support during the last 16 months of my campaign for Lieutenant Governor. I am deeply aware and profoundly grateful for all the time, energy, and money that so many of you put into this effort. I traveled all over the state many times and met wonderful people and made many new friends. I will forever cherish the memories of all the love and support I received. I hope to see each of you again, someway, somehow as we move on to new experiences.

Please support the Aiona/Finnegan Republican ticket for Governor/Lt. Governor. I salute Lynn for her impressive campaign and her well deserved victory. There are also many great, new Republican candidates running for the State House and Senate and for the federal races as well. Please give them a good look and vote for the ones in your district. The Republican House and Senate candidates will be talking about their unified legislative plan for Hawaii’s future in the weeks ahead leading up to the general election. We’ll publish it on my website this coming week. We plan on keeping the website active through the general election. Feel free to comment and contact me via e-mail at or on Facebook.


I want to give special thanks to my core team which worked tirelessly to bring the idea of a new outside-the-government-box perspective to the Office of Lieutenant Governor. My Campaign Manager and Chairman Brian Romano kept us on track and synchronized. He created my fabulous website, managed the data base of caring people who wanted to be connected to the campaign, made sure our newsletters were clear and straightforward and got sent out every week. His advice and suggestions proved invaluable. Thank you Brian. My Communications Director, Janet Scheffer, CEO of Mana Means communications was the person who kept us focused, and worked her heart out. She made all the media buys, produced the radio and television ads and kept the campaign calendar. She told me where I needed to go and when I needed to be there. Thank you Janet. Lastly, special thanks goes to the campaign’s Treasurer and attorney, the man who kept us afloat and my spirits up, and is still keeping my spirits up, my rock, my counselor, my sons’ father, the love of my life and incredible husband of 35 years, Sam King, Jr. This was a true choice we both made and do not regret it. Now is time for Sam and I to clear out the campaign material, clean the house, reflect on the positive results of this tremendous effort we undertook, and consider some new and very intriguing opportunities that have presented themselves to us as we move on to new beginnings. Thank you again, so very much. 

Adrienne King was a candidate for Lt. Gov. in 2010. She may be reached at