After Nearly 5 Years Since 2006 Dam Breach, Kilauea River Clean Up Begins

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KAUAI – Kilauea residents on Kauai’s quiet North Shore continue their struggle with clean up issues related to the March 2006 Ka Loko dam breach, which killed 7 people, caused millions of dollars in property damage and created environmental hazards.


Still missing are the remains of four victims.

In addition 16 cars, homes and their contents, and fuel storage tanks could be buried there.

Kauai county has launched a $4 million cleanup effort of the river decimated by the breach.

The state attorney general’s office delayed the cleanup efforts for more than a year because resident landowners along the river would not agree to what they said were unreasonable liability measures they were being forced to sign off on in order to move the clean up forward.

Residents have waited since March 2006 for the effort to get under way.