Alaska Airlines Gets 48 Percent More Overhead Storage in New Boeing

Alaska Airlines
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Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines

Aiming to improve onboard storage and make flying easier for customers, Alaska Airlines will be the first carrier to get Boeing’s innovative Space Bins. The larger overhead bins have a similar look and feel to Alaska’s current Boeing Sky Interior pivot bins yet hold more bags.

Space Bins on an Alaska Airlines 737-900ER will hold as many as 174 standard carry-on bags, a 48 percent increase compared to current bins that hold up to 117 bags. Space Bins are deep enough to store nonstandard items, such as a guitar. Space Bins will arrive on all Next-Generation 737 and 737 MAX airplanes delivered to Alaska Airlines starting in late 2015.






  1. I suppose that's good news. However, the increase in overhead storage is really not going to be of any use if they aren't going to allow the carry-on baggage sizes to change…

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