Aloha Shirt Gods Favor Ed Case: Local Wear Snags National Best-Dressed Candidate Nod

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Ed Case on Hawaii Reporter TV

Ed Case’s Senate candidacy may be flying under the national radar, but his aloha shirts aren’t.

Esquire magazine named Case one of its seventeen Best-Dressed Candidates on the 2012 Trail for his campaign local wear.


Said Esquire, under a picture of Case in aloha shirt and lei in a recent parade:

“Just because he’s a candidate for Senate doesn’t mean that Case is afraid to represent his district by wearing one of the most colorfully risky tropes in existence — the Hawaiian shirt. He’s currently in a race to take over the seat being vacated by Daniel Akaka, and certainly isn’t afraid of a suit and tie. Add a lei, though, and he looks ready for any campaign-trail luau.”

“I’m deeply grateful to aloha shirts everywhere for this unexpected recognition”, said Case. “Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t belong on anyone’s best-dressed list, but I promise to represent the next generation of Hawaiian wear to the best of my ability in the Senate.”

Submitted by Ed Case’s campaign for US Senate.