American Minute – January 10th, 11th and 12th

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”American Minute – January 10th”

His daughter was Harriet Beecher Stowe, who wrote the abolitionist
novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” His son was Henry Ward Beecher, a famous
New York preacher who was known for denouncing slavery and
government corruption, and for being in support of a woman’s right
to vote. His name was Lyman Beecher and he died this day, January
10, 1863. A renowned New England clergyman, Lyman Beecher wrote: “If
this nation is, in the providence of God, destined to lead the way
in the moral and political emancipation of the world, it is time she
understood her…calling… For mighty causes…are rushing with
accumulating power to their consummation of good or evil.”


”American Minute – January 11th”

He was the grandson of Princeton president Jonathan Edwards, whose
preaching began the Great Awakening revival. He became the president
of Yale, serving for twenty-two years. His name was Timothy Dwight,
and he died this day, January 11, 1817. Finding many of Yale’s
students enamored with French enlightenment, Timothy Dwight often
visited with students on campus, logically answering questions of
faith. By the end of his tenure, not only did the majority of the
student body profess Christianity, but many became ministers Timothy
Dwight wrote: “Where there is no religion, there is no morality, the
ultimate foundation of…life, liberty and property is buried in

”American Minute – January 12th”

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do
nothing” This famous quote was from British statesman Edmund Burke,
who was born this day, January 12, 1729. Considered the most
influential orator in the House of Commons, Burke stands out in
history, for, as a member of the British Parliament, he defended the
rights of the American colonies and strongly opposed the slave
trade. Edmund Burke stated: “What is liberty without…virtue? It
is…madness, without restraint. Men are qualified for liberty in
exact proportion to their disposition to put moral chains upon their
own appetites.”

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