American Youth: The Latest Tool of the American Left

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The “peace” movement is a spork. You know, that hybrid utensil of unknown origin and dubious utility whose parts seem to have no logical relationship with each other.

Like the spork, the anti-war demonstrators are an amalgam — in this case, a combination of manipulators and the clueless. The movement also shares composition with this plastic implement — artificial, fake — and is equally as useless. Ever tried to eat soup or spear a piece of meat with a spork?


Communism and socialism are proven failures as political and economic systems. Humiliating defeats include the end of the Soviet Union, followed by the emergence of former eastern bloc nations that are stellar examples of free market economies, technology-based governments and definitive, sensible foreign policy. Despite these planet-wide defeats, hard left activists in our own country have never given up hope for emergence as a political force.

In President Bush’s drive to rid the world of terrorist threats, opportunity has knocked.

In a recent National Review article entitled