Back To School Mobile Do’s and Don’ts from AT&T

Photo courtesy of AT&T
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Photo courtesy of AT&T

1)      DO turn off your phone in class, and store it away in your backpack. All of your attention should be focused on learning, and taking notes.

DON’T text your classmate while your teacher is going through a lesson. Your teacher will most likely confiscate your phone, or worse, read your message to the entire class.



2)      DO call your friend to discuss an upcoming project for history or math class. It’s good to plan ahead and start brainstorming ideas.

DON’T text one friend when hanging out with another. It’s bad manners and may hurt your friend’s feelings.


3)      DO limit cell phone use to breaks or after-school pickup.

DON’T use your cell phone on campus when entering your next class.


4)      DO install the DriveMode App on your phone for added safety on the road. The app will automatically reply to incoming texts – notifying your friend or parents that you are driving and unable to respond.

DON’T send a text while driving. It’s extremely dangerous and it can wait until you reach your destination.


5)      DO capture after-school moments on your mobile phone, and share with friends and family.

DON’T upload photos to social media sites during school hours. Give full attention to your studies-your phone should be off in class, and stored in your backpack (see bullet point 1)!


6)      DO set up emergency contacts in your phone.

DON’T call your emergency contacts unless there is a real life emergency on campus.


7)      DO review school cell phone and device policies. Your school has rules for a reason.

DON’T make up your own cell phone policies. It’s bad mobile etiquette!