Bill Clinton Slams Israel as Overreacting; But He Allegedly Trained Palestinians

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Former President Bill Clinton has joined the critics of Israel by saying Israel has overreacted to the abductions of soldiers and terrorist attacks by mounting a “disproportionate” military operation against Hezbollah and Hamas.

Clinton, who attempted to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians but failed, called for the world community to pressure the Lebanese, Syrians and Israel to cease fire and allow intermediaries from the United Nations to discuss these nations’ differences.


During the time he was working to broker a peace deal, in 1996 President Clinton assigned the Central Intelligence Agency to train Palestinian security forces, but many graduates used their newfound skills to attack Israel, according to Mike Rubin of the Heritage Institute.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an end to the violence in the middle, but saved his sharpest criticism for the Israelis.

Joining leaders from France, Greece, China and other nations, Putin accused the Israeli government of failing to use “proportionate” military force against Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists and Lebanon, a nation that harbors Hezbollah.

Putin said through an interpreter, “Israel’s use of force is disproportionate and should be balanced.”

However, President Bush who’s attending the G8 summit defended Israel saying there is no one on whom to place blame except Hezbollah. Bush also accused the Syrian and Iranian governments of supporting the terrorists, who are using Iranian built rockets in their attacks against Israeli cities and towns.

Mark Levin, a constitutional lawyer, former Reagan Justice Department official, and talk show host said in reply to the Israeli critics, “What are the Israelis supposed to do? Wait for a repeat of Hitler’s death camps. Never again! Never again!”

Levin pointed out that the United Nations Security Council has been talking about Iran and North Korea for months without producing one resolution to condemn these renegade countries, yet within a few hours they wrote a UN resolution condemning Israel for its actions against terrorists. “I’ll say it again — NEVER AGAIN!” he yelled during his evening talk show.

The UN resolution of condemnation of the Jewish State was blocked by US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, who also placed the blame on terror organizations.

Bolton was being blocked last year by a Democrat led filibuster during his Senate confirmation process. Even Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio cried on the floor of the senate at the thought of having Bolton represent the US at the UN. Voinovich, however, had no comment when reporters asked about the alleged corruption at the international body.

Besides Putin, the French government also had stinging criticism of Israel’s military action against the Palestinian Hamas and the Lebanese-based Hezbollah, saying in a statement that Israel has gone “too far.”

But political analyst Mike Baker, himself Jewish, sneared, “That’s why France is such a successful “war machine;” when protecting yourself, you go too far if you kill the enemy. Now you know why France is such a military success.”

In the midst of this violence, throughout the day on cable news channels, one appeaser after another goes before the television cameras and pontificates about the need to talk.

“We must sit down and talk.” “Our leaders must have the combatants talk.” “We must send a UN mission to the region to talk.”

What if someone were killing members of your family: sons, daughters, cousins, nieces, uncles, aunts are all being killed or threatened by a maniac. Would you sit and talk to the maniacal murderer? I hope not. Only a coward would do such a thing and consider himself or herself a reasonable person.

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