Bill Clinton to Join Recall Fray

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SACRAMENTO (Talon News) — In yet another twist in the California recall, former President Bill Clinton is expected to campaign for embattled Gov. Gray Davis, who faces a recall election in less than two months.

Clinton and Davis reportedly chatted privately for hours while they were both attending an AFL-CIO function in Chicago.


Clinton, who traveled to California numerous times during both of his terms and campaigns, is immensely popular in the state. He even considered settling there before deciding on New York.

Both Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), are expected to travel to the Golden State to campaign for Davis.

Meanwhile, Gov. Davis will be attempting to save his job by using a few pages from the Bill Clinton play book. Davis hopes to gain support by avoiding the recall mess as much as possible and focusing completely on governing.

Last Saturday, Davis was publicly enacting environmental legislation while the other gubernatorial contenders were filing papers for their candidacies.

The papers were reviewed and a list of candidates was officially announced on Wednesday. Although nearly 300 had taken out papers to run, only 135 of them actually met the qualifications and will appear on the ballot, California’s Secretary of State said.

The 135 candidates will be randomly assigned ballot positions, which will certainly complicate the voting process for Californians.

According to Gov. Davis, the recall will also cost the taxpayers nearly $70 million.