Bipartisan Budget Control Act Prevented Country’s Default on Budget Obligations

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BY CONGRESSWOMAN MAZIE HIRONO, D-HI — Congresswoman Mazie K. Hirono (D-Hawaii) today voted in favor of S. 365, the bipartisan budget compromise that reduces the deficit and raises the debt ceiling in two stages through 2012. Here is her statement:

Hundreds of people across Hawaii have called our office in the last few days asking that we support President Obama and get an agreement done. They’ve been clear they want a compromise that raises the debt ceiling, reduces the deficit, and protects Social Security and Medicare. That is why I supported this agreement.


No one got everything they wanted in this compromise. It is not as balanced as I would have liked. At the same time, we were able to stop deep cuts to Medicare and Social Security that were part of earlier Republican plans.

What is most important to me – and to families in Hawaii — is that we avoided defaulting on our country’s obligations. Seniors, our military, and our veterans will receive their checks on time. Retirement accounts have been spared from taking another big hit. And now, we can focus on what we most need to do: creating jobs and getting our economy moving.