Britain Doubles 2012 Olympics Security Budget

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British Olympic officials have almost doubled the budget for providing security at next year’s 2012 Summer Games in London.

In an announcement Monday, officials said they would be spending an additional $424 million in order to increase the security staff from around 10,000 to the 23,700. The security staff is tasked with protecting more than 100 venues across Britain.

The number of security personnel needed was raised after a security review determined the 10,000 planned would not be enough for the job. But the report stressed that the increase in personnel was not in response to any specific security threat.


However, Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson says the additional spending will not put the Games over budget, thanks to savings in other areas.

Security will be handled by police, military, private firms and volunteers.

Last month the head of security for the London Olympics said there will be no armed security personnel from other countries working at next year’s Summer Games.