British Spy Blasts Labor Party

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LONDON (Talon News) — A London judge announced last week that the trial of radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri, who is charged with soliciting murder of non-Muslims and stirring up racial hatred, will begin on July 4.

But that July date has gotten British freelance investigator Glen Jenvey, whose detective work played a major part in bringing down Hamza, more than a little steamed.


In an e-mail interview with Talon News, Jenvey said the date will allow the Labor government “to cover up its failures.”

“It stops the British press from reporting on the extremist Hamza and other al Qaeda prisoners who the Labor Party allowed into the UK to attack America and other nations,” Jenvey said.

While the date of the upcoming British election has not yet been formally set, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair could technically serve until mid-2006 if he so chose, it is widely expected to be in May 2005.

Jenvey said despite his hard work that he has received no thanks from the British police or England’s MI5 because he says he “uncovered their mistakes.”

Jenvey claimed that some members of the Labor Party “invited the Tamil Tigers to a Garden Party which was watched and filmed by the Sri Lankan Secret Service.”

“This is the same group that killed a Sri Lankan Head of State and a former Indian Head of State and threatened even a member of the Royal family and other political leaders,” Jenvey said. “The Labor Party is too soft on terrorists.”

According to Jenvey, “The Sri Lankan Secret Service wanted to see if the Labor Party would insult India and Sri Lanka by inviting the Tigers and they did.”

The Tamil Tigers have been described by the British Broadcasting Corporation as “a formidable fighting force involved in guerrilla attacks against the Sri Lankan armed forces and on political targets. [Their] power base remains economically deprived Tamil agricultural workers whose families lost their livelihood due to economic reforms in the late 1970s, as well as unemployed urban Tamil youth who faced economic and social discrimination.”

Jenvey said the way to get serious and rid the United Kingdom of terrorist groups is by voting for the Conservative (Tory) Party.

According to Jenvey, a whole variety of British officials are successfully hiding information about al Qaeda by putting the Hamza trial after the elections.

Blair’s government, Jenvey claimed, is “covering up the failure of MI5 and the police, who never knew major terrorist group was plotting attacks on the British public and American intelligence just miles from MI5 headquarters.”

“Real military intelligence officers are scared the UK will be the link that al Qaeda will use to attack western countries,” Jenvey said. “The prime minister needs to understand MI5 failed everyone and the police looked the other way. We need a leader like [Conservative Party leader Michael] Howard, not a blind Home Secretary [David Blunkett, who resigned in Dec. 2004.] MI5 is not working as it took a private group to uncover the London links of al-Qaeda then the government still did not act.”

Jenvey charged Britain’s MI5 with being a “political tool of the Prime Minister.”

He added that Blair has “misled the public by making the trial of Abu Hamza after the election.

“With reporting restrictions in place, the British government is taking the issue of extremist terrorism off the election issues,” he said. “Labor Party members were emailed about al Qaeda members in London and their response was ‘We are not interested in al Qaeda being in the UK.”

In October, Xinhuanet reported British prosecutors charged Hamza with 16 offenses including one under section 58 of the Terrorism Act which relates to the possession of a document containing information “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”

He also faces 10 charges of soliciting murder, Xinhuanet reported, and four charges of “using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior with the intention of stirring up racial hatred” and one charge of possessing eight video and audio recordings intended for distribution to stir up racial hatred.