Brown Tree Snake May Wiggle Into Hawaii

Representative Barbara Marumoto
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Representative Barbara Marumoto

BY MICHELE VAN HESSEN – HONOLULU, HAWAII – Due to budget cuts, the state Department of Agriculture has allowed the brown tree snake program lapse. The dogs used for cargo inspections were actually given away.

Representative Barbara Marumoto, R-Kaimuki/Kahala, will introduce legislation to get the inspections up and running again. Guam has 15,000 snakes per square mile that have eaten many birds, frogs as well as small pets.


The snakes have also disrupted electrical power when the snakes short out transformers. With increased military and civilian flights expected from Guam, Hawaii can inherit this problem. Besides affecting our environment, the brown tree snake could easily devastate our poultry and egg industry.

The Chief Clerk’s Office will begin accepting bills for pre-filing purposes beginning .on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 7:30 a.m. pursuant to House Rule 43, which states:

“The Clerk shall accept bills to be pre-filed within seven calendar days before the commencement of the regular session in the even-numbered year.”

Opening Day for the year 2012 is scheduled for Wednesday, January 18th.

To reach Rep. Marumoto, (R) District 19, Waialae Iki, Kalani Valley, Waialae Nui, Diamond Head, Kahala, Kaimuki, call Office 808-586-6310, Fax 808-586-6311 or email her at





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