BRT Banned from Waikiki-New Mayor Says Costly Boondoggle, Draining More than $1 Million a Month from City, Will Not Continue

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The controversial Bus Rapid Transit System, launched by Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris in December 2004 — his final month in office — has been plagued with a variety of problems, including low ridership and an operating loss of $1 million a month.

That, along with millions of dollars the city already spent in constructing raised sidewalks and buying custom-made hybrid buses at $750,000 apiece (nearly twice that of standard city buses), are reasons newly elected Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann announced Jan. 25, 2005, he will halt operation of the BRT. He says he does not want the city to sink more money into the failed project.


“I want to send a clear message that the BRT will not be a part of my administration,” Hannemann says.

Beginning Feb. 1, 2005, the 10 $750,000 hybrid buses purchased by the Harris administration to run on Route E will be moved to Route A, one of the city