California Lawyer Determined to Get to the Bottom of Obama ‘Fraud-gate’; She is In Hawaii to Examine President’s Birth Certificate

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BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN – Dr. Orly Taitz, a California lawyer originally from the Soviet Union, is heading up a campaign to examine President Barack Obama’s original long form birth certificate.

After serving the state 33 days ago with a demand to produce the document, Taitz brought two experts to the state Department of Health on Monday. She said they hoped to get a closer look at the document to determine whether the birth certificate is a “cheap forgery” as she and her experts allege. She calls it “Obama Fraud-gate” – a take off on Watergate.


However, her request was denied. “As you know, Hawaii law does not allow the department to release birth records to anyone that does not have a tangible interest in the record,” said Janice Okubo, spokesperson for the state Department of Health.

Joshua Wisch, Special Assistant to the Attorney General, also presented a letter to Taitz from Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine that denied her request. “You are seeking disclosure of privileged or other protected matter, and there is no exception that applies to allow disclosure to you,” it reads.

“This is a joke because he (the president) already has posted the long form birth certificate on the web site, Privacy is irrelevant,” Taitz said.

Not surprised by the state’s denial, she had a back up plan. She headed over to  U.S. District Court where she hopes she can use federal muscle to force the state to compel the document at her September 14, 10 a.m. hearing.

“We want to check the authenticity – it (the birth certificate) could not be from 1961,” Taitz said. “The certificate had different fonts, different ink, and some computer graphics.”

Taitz, who runs DEFEND OUR FREEDOMS FOUNDATION, an organization that attempts to solicit Obama’s personal documents including his marriage certificate, social security card and birth certificate, said she current is managing four legal cases to view these original documents.

She started looking into presidential candidates’ personal documents in 2008 when there was a question as to whether Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, could qualify for president because he was born in overseas on a military base when his father was in the service. Then information started to come out on Obama, she said.

“I have in front of me affidavits that say the birth certificate is a cheap forgery. If this can be done to the whole nation, this fraud, we have so much corruption in the government, and no one is doing anything about it,” Taitz said.   “I was born in the Soviet Union under a totalitarian regime and people did not have a way to address grievinces. I am married with three children and I don’t want to live in a place like the Soviet Union where nothing is done about corruption. We are losing our freedom.”





  1. I further note that Dr. Conklin says: “The address given for the parents in the newspaper announcements is actually, however, the August 1961 home address of Obama’s maternal grandparents Stanley and Madelyn Dunham [6085 Kalanianaole Highway], and not the 1961 home address of Barack Obama, Sr. [625 11th Ave].)”

    However, what he fails to disclose is that the Polk City Directory and the UH student directory for 1961 show Stanley Ann Dunham as living at the Kalanianaole Highway address. To add to that, we have Stanley Ann Obama’s own signature on the Certificate of Live birth attesting to this address.

  2. Who has seen an email doing the rounds that actually shows the font and typography digital alterations to Obama’s birth certificate.
    It’s amazing how fonts and line information can be changed digitally.

  3. It’s amazing and hilarious how you folks who buy into the conspiracy theory lack any objective common sense. I can’t even imagine how sad your lives must be to be that blind to truth and reality. Thanks for the laughs!!!

  4. It’s amazing and hilarious how you obots haven’t a shred of evidence to back your wild-assed assertions. All you have left is name calling. It’s sad really that you call yourselves Americans yet could care so little for our laws. SCOTUS precedent has established that a ‘natural born citizen’ is a person who was born on the soil of citizen parents. That’s it – game, set and match. All we need now is a chink in the legal wall that has been erected to prevent the truth from being exposed.

  5. Will this ever stop? My original was on microfiche and I lost the copy. I obtained another which is computerized. That’s right COMPUTER!

  6. Honestly, I don’t know if this woman is a wacko or not, but if one downloads the supposed b/c from (it’s a .pdf file, or at least is was when first posted) and opens it in Adobe Illustrator, displays its layers one will see that the document falls apart and is clearly NOT what it’s purported to be by the White House. (And remember Abercrombie’s public lamentations that the state “couldn’t find” it a few weeks before it magically appeared earlier this year?)

    It’s not fair to blame this amateur-production of a “document” on Obama (although it’s certainly not clear he’s free of culpability), in fact it sort of has a made-in-Hawaii aroma to it.

    To see this document dissected (and the analysis’s critics answered) check out orangegold1’s videos on YouTube.

    But all this aside, it’s best to get Obama gone at the ballot box. There are too many folks out there who refuse to accept he could be a usurper and, to be honest, the nation doesn’t need a Constitutional crisis right now.

    Aloha from Singapore (this week anyhow)!

  7. Ya know what?

    If one downloads a lot of pdfs and opens them in Illustrator there will be layers.

    DUH! It is how they are compressed and optimized for the web.

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