Candidate Profile: Liz Larson Challenges Galuteria in New 12th District Senate Seat

Liz Larson
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Liz Larson

Small businesswoman Liz Larson, who runs a hospitality services company in Waikiki has launched an ambitious effort to unseat the Senate Majority Leader, Brickwood Galuteria, in the newly redrawn 12th District.

Larson points out that the new seat, which stretches from Kaka’ako, through Ala Moana and incorporates all of Waikiki, has elected Republicans at both the State Legislative and Congressional levels in the past.


On paper, Galuteria would appear to be a formidable opponent as a former radio entertainer and Democrat Party Chair, however Larson believes that his positions and record are out of sync with the district.

She has focused on three basic issues, which she believes can be part of a winning formula:

As a mother with two children at Jefferson Elementary, she supports educational reform which includes greater parental involvement, support for charter schools and a comprehensive audit of the state Department of Education.

As the owner of a small business, with her husband Steve, she is concerned about the impact that both higher taxes and excessive regulation have on the ability of similar small firms to generate growth and create new jobs.

Like everyone in her district, she is concerned about making Hawaii affordable for families and our kapuna (senior citizens).  She believes that public policy ought to be directed towards stimulating the construction of more affordable housing and providing greater employment opportunities for youth that allow them to remain in Hawaii.

Although a political newcomer, Larson understands the uphill nature of a race against an incumbent and is committed to running an aggressive campaign with a full complement of volunteers and seasoned professionals.

Of note: reports on file with State Elections Office show that Larson was only $1,500 behind Galuteria in contributions for the current quarter.





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