Carroll Rips Lingle for ‘Selling out Republicans on Jones Act’

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REPORT FROM THE JOHN CARROLL FOR US SENATE CAMPAIGN – At a Wednesday talk-story luncheon hosted by the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Honolul (Young Professionals), U.S. Senate Candidate John Carroll held aloft a copy of Linda Lingle’s speech to the Associated Builder’s and Contractors from July 10th. See the complete transcript in Hawaii Reporter –
“Mrs. Lingle is so confident that she will be rubber-stamped as the Republican candidate for the Senate, that she is already talking like a Democrat,” said her opponent in the primary, John Carroll. How can you stand in front of construction industry business owners and tell them they have to pay 25 to 30% more for materials because of the archaic Jones Act?”
Carroll further pointed out that Lingle’s lunge to the left was punctuated by her endorsement of President Obama’s pro-Jones Act position.
“She is no longer even running as a Republican ,” stated Carroll.
Carroll said that the Jones Act is a relic of the 1920’s, and that Mrs. Lingle speech supporting it touted equally old and irrelevant arguments. Carroll said that the Jones Act today simply maintains the virtual monopoly on shipping serving Hawaii, forcing up everyone’s cost of living by as much as 30%. He also said that it also cripples Hawaii’s economy because of its protectionist mandate. By refusing to allow free trade to Hawaii we are doomed to a non-competitive, stagnant economy because of cost of materials and shipping.
Carroll shot down Lingle’s argument about national security. He said the Department of Defense doesn’t even limit itself to domestic hulls when it deploys troops because of the exorbitant costs.
“This has nothing to do with national defense as it might have back in the 1930’s.” said Carroll. “Now it’s about paying off unions and protecting vested interests of the shipping monopolies that have a strangle hold on Hawaii.”
He took exception to Lingle’s statement that she would “study” the problem if elected.
“Lingle has eight years as governor to study the problem,” said Carroll. “We don’t need more studies we need this law repealed or an exemption for Hawaii.”
Carroll added, “Linda had an opportunity to do something about this damaging law, and instead took money from A&B and Matson…and helped hold it in place. Lingle already sold out the Republican Party and now she’s sold out every single resident of the State.”
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