Case’s Poll Shows Him Ahead in US Senate Race

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Former Congressman Ed Case contracted Merriman River Group to conduct a statewide poll of registered voters on their feelings about the candidates in the U. S. Senate primary election.

Case, a Democrat who served in Congress from 2002 to 2007, provides the results here: Merriman’s summary of the results. He said they show his campaign ahead of Congresswoman Mazie Hirono in the primary, 53%-37%.


The poll also shows Case ahead of former Republican Governor Linda Lingle in the general 48% to 38%.

The poll also showed Lingle ahead of Hirono in the general by 48% to 43%.

“We’re very encouraged by these results. We hope and believe they reflect voters’ judgment on who can best lead this transition in Hawai‘i’s Senate representation and who can best cut through the stagnation of national politics to get the job done,” Case said. “But, we’re taking nothing for granted. As they say, a poll is only a snapshot in time, and one thing I’ve learned in spades is that when polls show you in the lead you’re going to get shot at from all directions! So this month we’re kicking off our statewide grassroots campaign by opening our new headquarters on O‘ahu and hosting at least five open houses on Hawai‘i Island, Maui and Kaua‘i, not to mention increasing my own campaign activities statewide.”

Case said in an email to supporters that his major challenge is financial. Hirono has raised essentially double what he has to date.





  1. Interesting data, especially in light of his previous losses. I wonder of the public is that fickle?

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