Thursday, June 30, 2022
Hawaii Republican Party in Hawaii - alive, well and making a difference. Top GOP leaders, Andria Tupola and Gene Ward provide an update on the current legislative session in Hawaii and nationally.  And they had a few warnings of potential laws being considered.  
This weeks Show was really special. Tyler Roukema who owns the Outback Steakhouse in Hawaii Kai (the east side of Oahu and in my neighborhood) was my guest. Tyler is a very successful business owner and restaurateur. He is the perfect example of what someone can do with a...
Rusty Komori holds the nations longest running string of state championships (22) in history. Now a successful author and motivational speaker, he shares a few of his secrets for winning at business and life on this weeks Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker.
Aloha – This week’s broadcast of Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker: Quarterly Commentary - Surviving Tax Season and Advocacy Work.  Guest Host Ray Tsuchiyama interviews Reg Baker about tax reform, tax season, SBA Awards, SBA Board, SBDC and SBRRB activities.   It has been a very busy 3 months!  
The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) has a huge impact on the health of small business in Hawaii. Watch and see how it can help your business too!
The last show of the year focuses on tax reform and Hawaii's economic diversification, or lack thereof. Very fast paced discussion. Tax reform - Something for almost everyone, especially small businesses.  Most individuals will save on their 2018 taxes.  Some will save a lot.  Be prepared and work with your...
Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker Broadcast. Preparing our high school students for successful careers is critical. And Shayne Greenland at Campbell High School is doing this very well and the kids love it!! This is the type of practical education that needs to be in all out schools.  Of course...
This weeks Business in Hawaii is about preserving Hawaii's historical buildings and communities.  ABC Stores is doing a great job of preserving Hawaii and her history. Hear Paul Kosasa, CEO of ABC Stores, explain how with Minatoishi Architects he is accomplishing so much.  
Young CPA’s are changing the industry and this weeks Business in Hawaii show demonstrates why.