Monday, June 27, 2022
Booz Allen does much more than you might think. What a great company and community leader!  And, did I mention, they are looking for good people for fantastic careers?
Hawaii Republican Party in Hawaii - alive, well and making a difference. Top GOP leaders, Andria Tupola and Gene Ward provide an update on the current legislative session in Hawaii and nationally.  And they had a few warnings of potential laws being considered.  
Aloha – This week’s broadcast of Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker: Quarterly Commentary - Surviving Tax Season and Advocacy Work.  Guest Host Ray Tsuchiyama interviews Reg Baker about tax reform, tax season, SBA Awards, SBA Board, SBDC and SBRRB activities.   It has been a very busy 3 months!  
Rusty Komori holds the nations longest running string of state championships (22) in history. Now a successful author and motivational speaker, he shares a few of his secrets for winning at business and life on this weeks Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker.
Young CPA’s are changing the industry and this weeks Business in Hawaii show demonstrates why.
Aloha and Welcome to this week’s Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker.  Be prepared to be impressed!! This week on Business in Hawaii, I interviewed Shayne Greenland, Academy Principle at Campbell High School and two of his top students.  I was very impressed, and I know you will be too. ...
The SBA offers so much to small businesses in Hawaii. Learn about it by watching this weeks Business in Hawaii video. Jane Sawyer and Reg Baker have worked together supporting small businesses in Hawaii for almost 30 years.  As a result, SBA Hawaii has assisted thousands of small businesses and...
Fascinating conversation with Matt Matsunaga and Tony Donnes about their firm and the practice of law in Hawaii. Great advice for those in their second or third year of law school.
Recently, I attended a professional speakers dinner & dialogue meeting in Honolulu. Fortunately for me, Annabel Chotzen was featured during the evening meal. She gave a wonderful talk on how to "Stand Up, Stand Out and Get Speaking Engagements." Jeff Owens, the President of Speakers Association of Hawaii introduced Annabel,...
Payroll and HR issues can be very challenging for a small business. These guys fix that chaos and make it easy.  And very possibly save your business money!