Saturday, May 21, 2022
Haoli Makahiki Hou. It's never too late for that. Let's all hope that 2003 will be a happy and prosp
Recently, a Globalization Index released by A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy Magazine ranked 62 countries
Your perspective on life looks a bit different when you're laying on your back on a hammock strung
John has been doing very well in sales. But he knew he could do better. So he called me and asked f
Through a coincidence of good timing, I am in San Francisco, where it is 65 degrees, clear, and abso
Members of the Media Committee of the Green Party of the United States are deeply concerned that the
Dick Rowland Image The Honolulu Advertiser on Sunday 1/12/03 revealed the results of its
Two congressional events held last week -- a news conference supporting more federal funding to help
If President Bush's bureaucracy were as capable as the bureaucracy in George Orwell's great novel, N
Topic: Boneheaded feminists continually employ confusion and contradiction to further their Left-win