Friday, May 27, 2022
Kenyans are justifiably jubilant about prospects of a new government that seems committed to change.
President Bush's budget director, Mitchell E. Daniels Jr., has now admitted what most people have be
A Jan. 18, 2003, Honolulu Star-Bulletin letter to editor stated: "we make too much out of a bunch o
David A. Pendleton Image Last week House Democrats in their speeches and in media reports
It is a welcoming fact that Cayetano's suspicious appointments of political friends in his waning hours are now under scrutiny. (Honolulu Advertiser 01/26/03). In previous writings I had pointed with emphasis to Cayetano's unusual late activities that could not wait until after the elections. Let's not stop here but...
Charles Djou Image Honolulu has a major budget problem. In 2003, city taxpayers likely wi
On Friday, the dissolution of one of the largest and most watched privatization's in the United Stat
Do you want to know what's keeping us apart from Queen's? *The hospital's refusal to address th
In late January, President Bush will speak to the nation from the House of Representatives in his an
Another notable trend of 2002 was the demonization of America's largest corporations, following the