Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker Lorraine Minatoishi has done what most women can not. She is highly successful in a male dominated industry. Learn how she did it in this week's Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker show.
Aloha! I was able to talk with Savan Patel of Infinium Interiors this week - A great success in a challenging industry!   A 15-year Navy veteran did the research and picked his industry.  The rest is history! Learn how he made his dream a reality.
Rusty Komori holds the nations longest running string of state championships (22) in history. Now a successful author and motivational speaker, he shares a few of his secrets for winning at business and life on this weeks Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker.
This weeks Show was really special. Tyler Roukema who owns the Outback Steakhouse in Hawaii Kai (the east side of Oahu and in my neighborhood) was my guest. Tyler is a very successful business owner and restaurateur. He is the perfect example of what someone can do with a...
This weeks Business in Hawaii is about preserving Hawaii's historical buildings and communities.  ABC Stores is doing a great job of preserving Hawaii and her history. Hear Paul Kosasa, CEO of ABC Stores, explain how with Minatoishi Architects he is accomplishing so much.  
Aloha – This week’s broadcast of Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker: Quarterly Commentary - Surviving Tax Season and Advocacy Work.  Guest Host Ray Tsuchiyama interviews Reg Baker about tax reform, tax season, SBA Awards, SBA Board, SBDC and SBRRB activities.   It has been a very busy 3 months!  
by Carleen MacKay ::  Rob Kinslow Entrepreneurs are risk-takers and business daredevils whose innovation is re-forming the backbone of our nation’s prosperity. The story of an entrepreneur is one who is able to efficiently and doggedly follow the following process: First, s(he) must be able to identify and start a...
Reg Baker and State of Hawaii CIO Todd Nacapuy discuss technology upgrades and Hawaii's Department of Taxation tax systems. What a challenge he has!!  And then add a massive tax reform package!
What was supposed to be an interview about Tax Reform turned into a very lively and pointed political debate. Jay Fidel, founder of Think Tech Hawaii and Reg Baker, Small Business Advocate, go head to head to debate the pro's and con's of the 2017 tax reform act. If you...
Young CPA’s are changing the industry and this weeks Business in Hawaii show demonstrates why.